1st grow setup...yes or no?

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  1. sup new to the forums decided to go with a aeroponic system...what are some opinions on this as a first grow? getting grow rocks, rockwool, air supply & stones, net pots of course and a technaflora kit with grow, bloom, and boost. All going into a rubbermaid tub type setup. Does it sound like im on to something or not...be honest.
  2. I'm doing my first grow....similar setup. But it is too early to tell if it was the best idea. One thing I would already do differently. Look at people's root porn pics. I wish I would have spaced my net cups more. It's a big tub, so with a couple of inches between each net cup, I was able to put 8 - 5" cups in it. I'm thinking 4-6 cups would have been better though.
    But if it gets too clogged with roots, I'll just move this system to veg and do something different for future flowers.
  3. personally I would never use those rubbermaid tubs for anymore than 4
  4. Blake, I think you are probably right. I originally decided on this, because I am using regular seeds, so I don't plan on using all the pots throughout the process, but the more I see, the more I think I should have cut fewer holes. That is why I said something here....hoping someone else would not make the same mistake.
    Not a huge ordeal though. Mine will be fixed in the not too distant future
  5. I was thinking 8-10 3inch netties. After much debate i think a 3inch or 3.75 might be best for reasons stated by alicakes. Many people have suggested 3 inch net pots to me, just sayin.
  6. Some people like those multi plant tub grows IMO there are to many thing that can go wrong and end up ruining 4-6-8 or however many you got in one container. As far as using it for veg......roots tangle together pain in the ass to separate.
    Separate buckets is the way to go and the big tub with a pump for a recirq rez.

    Now that I am thinking about it I need to add the thread I just started today to my sig.
  7. The size of the net pots won't matter much in an aeroponics system. You only need enough room to hold enough media to support the stems. The roots out grow the net pot fast. Space em further apart.

    My tote is about 18"w x 30"l x 17" tall. I put 8 holes in it b/c we are not using fem seeds. After further research, I decided to only start six seeds and just seal a few of the holes. Look at peoples root balls. They really need more room and I don't want to end up flowering more than 3-4 plants. As we go thru this harvest I'll find out if this was conservative enough or not, but cannabis root systems are massive and the healthier the roots the better the harvest.

    Bottom line, cut down the number of holes you are planning. Later on you may decide to just use this to veg like I think we will, or add another system. Also another newbie mistake that I was corrected on early. Only grow one strain per hydro set up. Different strains need different levels of nutes. You'll end up having all the plants suffer to keep em all alive.

    Healthy roots and the amount of lighting will effect the amount of product produced more than the number of plants you have.
    Blake, do you agree?
  8. Blake: As far as what you said about the roots for my veg idea, you are prob right. I will see pretty soon. If so, the tub will get fully replaced sooner than I thought. May just do a traditional diy ebb and flow reusing my pump for veg. Then still buy an ebb and grow for flowering.
    But I think I can make this work for a grow or two....even though I planned for too many plants. Toker, don't cut so many holes in your set up or you will regret it.
  9. [​IMG]
    Have you thought about an AERO/NFT setup like this one? I built it from stinkbuddies website, but I changed a few things so its more user friendly.. lol.. But works great..

  10. I fit 24 into one 18g rubbermaid tote and do just fine. but my plants are zero vege.
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    I concure
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    I like 3.75"cups but the Rez is really going to be ur chamber for roots . But in a tote like that 4 max plants. If ur aiming for big harvest do a scrog set up and veg a little longer get em big and into a scrogg and flower and I have had some good results. I grew 3 plants(2x4 grow tent) and yielded about 1/2 lb of finished product. It seeded on me during me moving houses at 3 weeks left of flowering so a lower then expected yield was achieved.
  13. Remember that if you are using tubs that your grow will turn into DWC. I trim my roots so they won't get caught in the pump. This also allows the plant to grow slowly. That is a must in indoor growing. You want a healthy plant but not a tall plant, depending on the space you have to grow in.

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