1st Grow Room/ Super Silver Haze

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by NotoriousKronic, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey Gc!! New to the world & loving it!! Haha anyways I started my Grow box today it's about 25% done. It's 28 1/2 " x10 3/4" x 34 1/2" . My original plan was for 2 plants but it looks like I may have room for 3.... Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated !!

    Also Ive been looking for Mylar everywhere and cant find it, is tin foil really that bad or should I just go all white...

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  2. I would lst that ssh, they grow very tall and stretchy. Top the shit out of it
  3. Thanks, I looked up lst and might use it on one if the two plants just to experiment a little since this is my first grow.

    Seeds are starting to sprout so later on today I will have full completed pics of the box:):)!!! Time to start this journal off!!Wooooohoooo... Srry just a little excited lol...
  4. 1/2 seeds sprouted , seed is in soil & natural sunlight ATM since growing box won't be finished until tonight.. Yaaahoooooooo!!!

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