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    What's up everyone? This is my first post after I've been reading through a lot of threads and gathering a lot of useful information. The problem I'm having is deciding exactly what method I want to use to start my own grow! I figured I'd ask the audience a couple of questions and give u guys my scenario and see what u would do.

    Alright, I live in an apartment and I gutted out my closet completely. It's a sliding double door closet with dimensions: 7.5' w X 6' t X 2' d. There is a ledging in the closet in one of the corners that's 7 3/4" high and protrudes 4 1/2" from the wall. I'm going to run a small wall perimeter around the closet so that it will all be level. I can then rest my grow boxes ontop of the ledging so there will be 7 3/4" empty space underneath my entire box to do whatever with. (That might've been confusing so I'll explain it a little better later if need be (not important)). Also, this ledging does not affect the dimensions I gave above.

    Firstly, I noticed that everyone builds a symmetrical box that they split into vegging and flowering... But from my understanding, don't the plants double in size? With that being said, would it be foolish of me to build 2 seperate boxes side-by-side and have the flowering box scaled larger to accomadate for the larger growth!? I realize many people don't have the space, but I do.

    My original plan was to build a veg box with dimensions: 3' w X 4' t X 2' d
    And a flowering box 4 1/2' w X 6' t X 2' d;

    Is 4' too high just for veg? I plan on LSTing them even though I have the height available, I feel like I'll get a better yield. I wanted to make passive intake holes like MicroGrower420 using blacked out PVC piping, plus maybe an intake fan. I plan on using fox farm soil and nutes for my grow. The exhaust and fans will depend on the lighting and heat issues of course, so I won't worry about that quite yet. Also, there is no need to be very stealthy so that helps as far as smell and noise.

    My main concern is the lighting, amount of plants, and pot size. I'm not sure what the best strategy is to approach this. With such a large area I didn't know if I should SOG or not. I figure no since I have the height?

    Here are the main questions I'm looking to answer:

    1. What size would u build ur box and/or would u have 2 seperate boxes with different dimensions?
    2. What kind of grow would u use? A SOG or LSTing with other techniques such as topping and fimming?
    3. How many plants would u try to grow in that area? I read u should give each plant 1 sq. ft of space but to me that doesn't seem like much room for horizontal growth?
    4. What size pots would u use?
    5. What would u use for lights? I know MH for Veg and HPS for flowering, but I'm talking wattage? Is this answer simply the most/biggest lights u can use and still control the temp?

    Just curious what u guys would do. Pretend there isn't really a budget either.
    Again nothing is set in stone, just looking for ideas before I begin construction. Thanks for reading all this I know It's long and for ur input. This would've been neater but I'm typing this from my Iphone at work...

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