1st grow ready for harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by BGeorge910, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Well just do what I do. Cut your plant down, trim of your leaf, dry it for about 4-5 day so it just starts to crisp pen up. Then store it in your jars for 2 weeks burping once a day every day for 15mins. Then if it's not as dry as u want it to be after them 2 weeks just lay it on cardboard for a few hours and it will dry fast but keep it's weight.......
  2. just say'n...that does not look like more than 3 OZ of weed
  3. FYI : final harvest was 34 grams dry from the whole plant....smoke is pretty alright.....but I think I should have waited a week or so more
  4. I personally just dont think it had the genetics to get extremely potent, you grew it well! it just looks like the type of bud youd smoke a ton of and nothing happens
  5. im doing a Re Grow of this strain for anyone who wants to see it start to finish. Link is in my signature
  6. Yeah, i`ll follow ya! I harvested on Sunday last week so happy days lol i have just been using a fan on the smaller nuggets for a couple days and they are dry enough to smoke and i know the rest of it will be good that i am drying correctly :) ...its the waiting gets me lol
  7. I like your style, McGuyver Style, Ur last harvest even thou you should waited a little bit, like you said, the plants was very beautiful, well taken care, I really like it. I'll be watching u r next project !

    HappyGrowing n Chillaxing !

  8. This can happen...I have also found from my first 5-6 harvest that it's our tendency As impatient potheads to chop a bit early before the buds are ready....also a good cure can make all the difference

    Nice first grow!
  9. IMO you have/had 5-7 days left before ready to harvest (which means you probably started flushing about a week early) from the looks of the cola pistils it had quite a bit of "swelling" left in it...

    The 3 days of darkness is a BAD idea! Robs you of yield and increases the chance of bud mold

    Damn fine job for a first grow tho!
    How did it smoke?
  10. The bud was an ok smoke.....not quite as good as what I usuals pick up.....but by no means was this Schawag. Please subscribe to my grow journal in my sig so you can help me along the way now that I'm regrowing.

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