1st grow ready for harvest?

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  1. This is my first grow from a bagseed. I don't have a magnifying glass at the moment but I'd like to know if u guys think this is ready....I flipped the like to 12-12 on june 1st....& ive been flushing with plain tap water for the last 2 weeks....does anyone think she's ready to be chopped?? Or should I wait? In the last week she's really SWOLLEN up....I saw a seed poking out on one of the bottom buds so I started 2 get worried....any ideas on how long until a harvest window?? Total harvest time has been 67 days (9 weeks 3 days)

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  2. at this point when ever you feel like it!! congrats
  3. Id give it another few days or so but when it swells up and about 80% of the pistals are amber your good to go. Well done thus far and now you should try bank seeds, that`s what i done :D
  4. Thanks alot for the positive feedback.....I think I'm going to put it in total darkness for 3days then chop....any thoughts on that? Is it necessary or beneficial? Anyone got any experience with this? I've heard mixed reviews.....
  5. Im same as you buddy, heard mixed reviews. I have always read all opinions prior to making a final decision based on my own opinion. If i were you i would go for it as far as i hear it either does or does not make a difference so you have nothing to loose. For what its worth, im gonna do it with one of my current grow as i think the best way to learn is try it yourself. Next time, try it with one and not the other to see what you feel :)
  6. ...some research indicates that a prolonged darkness cycle at the end can trick the plant into believing a massive frost is about to come, which the plant responds to with a final surge of reproductive effort - to try to get the seeds made and safe before the winter comes.
  7. that's a nice fucking plant you got there!!

  8. Nice plant bro, How thick is that main cola?

    Bet you cant wait to try her :smoke:
  9. yea, like others said, whenever you want. and depends what kind of high you want as well. i like head high, so i cut mine when they are trichs are cloudy. if you want it super potent where youll get the couchlock munchy high then wait longer. gl!
  10. What did you decide dude? i just made cannabutter there for the first time... i`m impatient so i just put it on toast :D and it was nice, and now i know why they say use unsalted LMAO it was salty as! However, i still made cadburys hot choc with it and it was awesome. Anyway, i`ll let you know what the stone is like seeing as you can use your green as it is... just put it in the freezer once chopped. That`s what weed god told me to do and all has worked out fine.
  11. Thanks 4 all the input.....I have a yearly unit inspection on my appt tomorrow so I plan on cutting her down in the next 2-3 hours......thanks for all the input!
    My next question is about the drying & curing part....do I have the steps right?

    #1 cut off Individual branches
    #2 cut off fan leaves (keep sugar leaves on)
    #3 hang up in dark room for 5 days
    #4 trim sugar leaves
    #5 jar & burp

    My question is....after which step above is the earliest will the bud should be smoked... & how long do I leave in a jar before burping??
  12. i use a more simplistic approach compared to others
    trim off any leaf that is yellow or yellowing. then just hang dry in a closet, the buds may get dry and crisp, but until the branches snap instead of bend, they aren't ready. once you get snapping branches, manicure (and roll a fat sugar leaf joint) then put buds in an air tight device. inside the air tight chamber the remaining moisture will even out the crispy buds... burping kinda happens on its own due to im always sticking my nose in the jars.
    hehe i use a food dehydrator so sampling starts around the 7th or 8th week, usually my personal stash starts getting low in those weeks.
  13. Here are sum pics from the harvest
    That main cola on top weighed 90 grams wet....& the little buds along the bottom ranged from 7-12 grams each.....any body got any guesstimates on dry yeild? During trimming this 1 plant STUNK UP MY WHOLE APT!!!! I can smell it down the stairs.....hopefully the smell will be out by inspection time 2maro lol

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  14. Last shot of the main cola !! :) enjoy

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  15. Last shot of the main cola !! :) enjoy
  16. i bet you can't wait to smoke that shit!!
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    I`m the same as PotB on this one... but, if you don`t have the room to hang? no problem! just get a large cardboard box put a small hole in two sides and attach string from one end to the other (just tie a knot in a pen or whatever to keep string in place from the outside of the box at both sides) make sure you cut two large wholes in the opposite sides to aerate the inside of the box a bit too.

    Remember to keep the airtight jar/container in a dark place at this stage. If you don`t have an airtight container etc then just a brown paper bag does the same job and also extracts out any remaining moisture too.

    I guessing you will be like us and checking it on a regular basis, so dont worry to much about burping as you will be checking regular im sure lol

    Well done again ;)
  18. Nicely done Man!

  19. Anybody know a weight I'm supposed 2 be shooting 4?? Like if my nugget was 80 grams when I cut what weight should I be looking for before I put it in jars?
  20. buds will lose about 60-70% of their picked weight.

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