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  1. Ok so as titled im In the midst of starting my first grow. I'm gonna have 14 seeds in total 10 fem mandala satori 2 Darkstar and 2 Heavy Duty Fruity. As since I'm a complete noob in the aspect of growing my question is what type of soil should I use? What type of lighting also? What stores sell the items in question?(Im in the US) I'm looking for a successful grow lol so all advice and opinions are greatly appreciated
  2. It seems as though you haven't done any research. Go to google and ask those exact questions.

    There are plenty of soil brands that are suitable, and many different lighting options.

    Growing marijuana doesn't have a step by step success guide. Growing marijuana is like raising a child, you'll figure out the small nuances of the strain your running. Your Satori strain may not grow like anybody else's due to your environment.

    You must read a ton, then continue to read more.
  3. You can use CFLs but with so many plants I'd go HID.

    I'd start with 4-6 under a 600w mh bulb w/ a digital ballast. And when your ready to flower(switch to 12/12) put in a hps bulb.
    As for soil, you can start out in a mix of perlite, sphagnum peat moss, and earth worm castings in party cups. Or if you want name brand I would go with Foxfarm light warrior soil.

    At two weeks transplant into larger pots. (2-3 gal)

    In these pots you can mix Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil with perlite, earth worth castings, and dolomite lime.

    If you choose to go organic with nutes, alfalfa meal, bat guano, etc. you should do some research in these stickies:
    Organic Growing - Grasscity.com Forums

    Or you can use name brand organic nutes such as Foxfarm's nutrient trio.

    When you determine sex, you should then transplant into 5 gal pots.
    These can be filled with the same soil mix as the 2-3 gal pots.

    pH is important! Make sure to check your pH runoff. A healthy pH is 6.3-6.8.
    Some household soil Ups and Downs are Lemon juice(pH up), Vinegar(pH up) and
    Baking powder(Sodium Carbonate)(pHdown).

    Here are some brands of Ph Ups and Downs:pH Up and pH Down

    Any other questions just ask:wave: :smoke:
  4. cmon im a total noob... yet i still took the time to read the sticky grow guides
    all the answers you seek are there :cool:

  5. Very, very true. ;)
  6. I have done a lot of reading also
  7. But I just like specifics answered I didnt have time to read through 1k plus threads

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