1st Grow - Pls Help re Ventilation!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Leeroy79, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Hey peeps!

    Couple of (poor quality) photos and questions re filter/fan and placement if u dont mind?

    I have built a 4ftx2.5ftx2.5ft grow cab inside a cupboard in my room and am now stuck on where best to put my fan n filter!!

    I have a few options when it comes to placement - I dont mind having the filter and fan inside the tent - but could only do this by having the filter on the floor - but surely this will suck the cooler fresher air in straight from my low down intake holes, I can hang the filter or fan or have them outside the tent, outside, even just one of them gives me MUCH more space!

    In this sort of space, what would you do? My passive intakes will be 2 or 3 1-2inch holes drilled thru bottom right of cab!

    Any advice is greatfully received!

    Ps i gotta RVK 4" fan to go with my rhino filter but it needs wiring up, i can wire the plug i think but it mentions grounding or earthing, and i have no idea bout that ! any help again would be very handy !


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  2. dude, just do what is best for your space - but you are correct about air flow and take the outlet at the top and opposite side of your inlet.

    sucking air through the CF makes it last longer as it can use the pre-filter, blowing air out still works. I had to fit a fan and cf outside the box due to space restrictions and it works just fine.
  3. btw I think your grow box looks awesome - please keep a journal - we all love bud porn :)

    what strain are you growing and what are those lights?
  4. Hey Nillan, I think I'm gonna keep both the filter and fan outside the can, probably below it and then duct up to the top of the cab, in effect my fan will b sucking out the top of the cab n blowing into the filter behind I think!

    C/F --- fan --- ducting into top of cab

    I'm using a Grow northern MS006 light - seen superb results with these - pricey but I need stealth - the lack of heat signature - and the minimal electric costs - plus the lower db due to smaller fans is a biggie for me - I'm only growing for personal use - if I can grow 2+ oz per harvest 12/12 from seed ill b self sufficient and very happy lol

    Seeds are
    Dutch passion - white widow
    DNA - 8 ball kush

    Will b doing a diary once they pop the surface, they have been planted already - need to get the fans n filters set up ASAP!!

    Ez bro

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