1st Grow - Please help my seedlings

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  1. I'm hoping one the resident experts can help a rookie out with the first timer's blues!
    A little background...
    After much reading and research, I decided to go with the "Stanley" from growboxusa.com for my setup. I know...it was a waste of money...but I wanted to get started quicker than I could have built something to suit my stealth needs.
    The setup DVD and instructions were pretty much garbage, but I got everything moving. I began by germinating my seeds on the lower chamber. I used the paper towel method. After 48 hours, I saw that they had all started to sprout, but at varying stages. a couple had a root that looked to be about an inch, but the others were slower. Figuring they'd catch up, I went ahead and pushed them into the starter plugs that came with the kit. I tried to position them so that the root was facing down into the plug. I was scared I'd damage them when handling them and now I'm afraid that may be what happened  :confused_2: .
    Only two of the 8 seeds that I put into the upper chamber ever sprouted to anything. It's been 1 week. They've been fed with a top-feed drip/DWC combination. The PH has been steady at around 6.15, regulated by a controller, The temp in the box is usually around 78 with the water temp around 74. Hardly any nutes were added to distilled water in the reservoir. PPM is 240. BTW...upper chamber is currently at 24/7 light cycle powered by 470watt LED with veg setting. 
    At this point, I've taken the 6 that never sprouted and put them back into the cloning chamber to germinate. I'm hoping I can save them. 
    That being said...
    a) How do the 2 standing mini plants look? Should I take them out of the top chamber until the rest can catch up? If so, how? The longer plant seems to be bending over. Is this a problem? 
    B) Anything wrong with the overall setup or what I've done so far? The directions that came with the unit were so horrible, most of my information was gathered from varying posts on the forum. 
    Thank you guys for any help!!!!!


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  2. Anyone?

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  3. The two last pics look fine

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