1st Grow! Pics! What do you think?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Fire_420, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Okay im 2 weeks in on my 0$ grow from some bagseed. I started them in the box and i have been moving them to pots as they grew bigger. Im useing topsoil bought from the nursery and i only put fert into one pot. so i wanted to know what you guys thought. Any advice is good! Pics:
  2. hey fire :hello:

    Plants looking healthy:)

    i do see a quite a bit of stretching tho.. what kind of lights you got on those babies.
    if they are CFL/fleoro just make sure you keep them 2-3 inches from the tops, thats so they dont stretch for the light, Good luck!:smoking:
  3. Well right now they are in the back of this truck:
    and theres quite a bit of light that comes though the above trees...
  4. Nice, is that your truck??
  5. yup... it was on my land when i bought it.. it dosent run so i thought it would be a great spot to grow! :)
  6. They are looking really nice. I'd be sure to spray the area with some kind of natural insecticide or something to keep them looking so nice. Wouldn't wanna see the little fellas get attacked by some bugs.
  7. Who dumped that wreck in the woods???
  8. I have been looking in the forums for some kind of recipe, but i cant find one. There are alot of bugs and gnats and old rotted leaves and dirt in the back of the truck. My pops was telling me that I might be able to use some of the rotted leaves/soil.

    It has been there for a good 20 years, i think the guy that owned this house before me was a contractor because he left us a lot of tractors/parts from his business.
  9. Try spraying them with some soapy water.
  10. nah i tried that soapy water thing, it doesnt work too well and makes a big mess. I would just clear out the back and spray heavily wait a few days and put em there.
  11. nice truck by the way.
  12. I made an organic insecticide with garlic and soap, that worked very well on some tender new seedlings that got blackfly a cople of years back. Commercial insecticide had killed one of my babies.

    It is the garlic that gets rid of them, the soap is a wetting agent that makes the liquid come in good contact with the insect´s body.
  13. You can buy a garlic spray (pretty cheap) , or make your own. It's great against bugs and even keeps animals away. I spray it on my strawberry plants and it even keeps the deer away.
  14. thx jimmyoz, ill make sure i do that soon. :smoking:
  15. okay, i just finished putting them into seperate pots... now if i could only find some batteries to take some pictures... if not tonight, ill have some tomorrow! :smoking:
  16. but what if you sprayed garlic stuff on your plants and then you smoked in and it tasted like garlic
  17. Doh....you don´t spray the buds.
    Most insect problems occur during early veg. Bugs don´t like the sticky buds.
  18. not to mention vampires...
  19. ROFL
  20. Count Dracula, how would you like your stake??

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