1st grow *PICS* Outdoors! Criticism appreciated!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KozyCOCOANUTS, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Front View


    Top View


    Back View


    Has about 25+ branches. Sativa or indica? Not sure of gender, I believe its a female. Doesn't have balls, but doesn't have long white hairs either...

    What do you guys think of the plant?
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    Can you use a magnifying glass to check it. As tall as it is, I would think you should be able to tell by now if it is female. I hope it's a girl! It looks very healthy.
  3. it does seem like a male a little bit but i hope i am wrong. it looks perky that is really good. looks super healthy. i can not tell if there is little holes or if its speks of dirt did u use some sort of insect remedy with that plant. it doesnt look too bad so u might not need it. maybe when it flowers and smells for the insects tho
    the leaves are not very skinny so its probably not sativa dominant. probly some indica mix. keep it up man
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    Thanks! Im pretty sure its a female, ill get a magnafying glass and check it out. Ill also get close up pic with my camera.

    There is 1 or 2 holes in the bottom leaf from red ants but lately they havent been a problem. There is also a weird small white cloth like insect that jumps around on the plant and lays down weird nesting material/eggs, but a quick swipe of my fingers gets ride of that. Which now to think of it, that insect hasnt been around for a while. Either way its not doing damage. And nope, no insect repellent. I just check it everyday, water it daily, apply nitrogen pellets to when needed (not often), and make sure the soil is nice.

    My plant does have its strong smell already, and other then what i listed there arent any real insect problems (knock on wood).

    Also, my plant has been growing for about 1 1/2 months, and has always been getting 12 hours of sun and nitrogen fertilizer. When will my plant bud? Just recently the number of branches doubled if not tripled, does this mean anything? And originally i was 99% sure it was a female, but then those "female" parts turned to branches, is that what is supposed to happen?

    Its funny, i found a hug patch of weeds in the woods behind my house, cleared out a spot for my plant, and it is pratically invisible but at the same time is getting perfect sunlight and isnt getting choked out by the surrounding weeds.

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