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  1. Hi guys, Im about to start my first grow! Im going to try my hand at a pc stealth box, however Im still in the research/planning/purchase stages. My personal philosophy is there is no such thing as 2much research! I found a server case on ebay which is 8.5" x 16.5" x 26.5" I figure this should be enough room to get started. I will purchase this in a couple days. So far all I have are my light bulbs (2 2700k cfl's, and 2 6500k cfl's), a on/off timer, and a roll of mylar. If all goes to plan i will have all my materials within the next 2weeks or so. The hardest part so far was picking a strain! The one that was finally settled on: White Dwarf!! Now for the questions: given the limited ammount of space I have to work with how many plants should I be looking to grow at a time? I was hoping to get 2 in there at a time (I plan on using LST to maximize potential). And is this enough lighting?(2bulbs per stage) any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
  2. Go with a strain bred specifically for micro/cfl conditions, about 3 years ago I found myself in a similar situation of trying to find a strain that reacts well to micro settings and it led me to cross several breeds to finally get one that trains well, reacts superbly to trimming vital to small grows, gets large sub-dominant buds and all turn out dense as a normal strain under HPS and the resin production...whew by far the best strain me and the co-op have come across for micro grows, glad all the hard work paid off
  3. Also for cfl I want a minimum of 40watts per cubic foot of lighting area
  4. Or if you have $300 (including shipping), you can buy a pre made ready to go (soil or hydro) complete PC grow case...

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    Best pre-built pc set ups...
  5. I was looking for strains what would be good in micro conditions, mainly dwarf strains is what i was finding. If you have any suggested strains it would be much appreciated!

    as for the pre-built box, I was originally going to buy a similar box to that but it is slightly out of my price range, by my calculations it would come out to about a $100 difference to the one on that site.

  6. Go with what you can afford. I see some damn good grows using this set up though..

    and as for strains...do autoflowering dwarfs... maybe lowryder?
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    it does look like a great setup, the box trying to make is pretty much the same thing so hopefully it will go well, and the white dwarf seeds I found are autoflowering. according to sites it is a good short site that produces good results. There was a lowryder that my friend suggested, maybe i will look more into that
  8. Hi Guys,

    Hopefully i can be of help.

    Im currently growing Autos using a stealth box, the box is close to 1m square.

    Currently growing 1* little cheese / 1* pinapple express / 1* 60 day wonder / 1* syrup.

    all 4 plants are grown in a soil medium with 300w CFL and i run this light 24/0.

    As for the strains, i would suggest ANY AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS but stay away from Auto AK if u have limited room as this baby grows huge ( by far the biggest producing Auto)

    If your DIY minded you can build your own for half the price of the ones on internet, i payed £250 for mine but its perfect (plug and play)

    If u have any further questions just ask.


  9. nice nice, good to know man. That pineapple express should be nice! i havent gotten a chance to try some yet but i hear its good stuff. From what i have been reading Autoflowering seeds are the best for my needs. We just picked up the auto white dwarf. hopefully it works out nice. now as i was saying i have 2 6500k and 2 2700k each are 26watts so my question is should i throw all the lights in there (i know the 100wat min suggestion, alsosomeone suggested mixing the lights for auto strains) or should i just pick up 2more 6500k lights? any suggestions would be appreciated. I plan on doing a 20/4 cycle
  10. 3 soft white 1 daylight ratio for flower, otherway for veg
  11. ah ok thanks. off 2 the store i guess....again haha still dont have all my materials. Just waiting on that case and i will be good to go! ill start a journal once i get everything set up!
  12. hey every1 got a quick update. All my supplies for my box are finally in! and my seeds should be here sometime this week. I got my case its self 2day and let me just say this thing is massive! it measures about 27"tall 9"wide and 17" long! Heres some pictures of my progress sofar:


    I moved the fan up to the top and im working on a light trap right now. will have more pics later.
  13. keep up the hard work ur getting there man
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  15. he's correct, you want 2700K for flowering stage and 6500K for veg growth. i personally dont even use any 6500K when growing autos, they do fine under 2700K from day 1, but a 6500K will not hurt by any means... with autos' they sex in 3 weeks so using the 6500K bulbs is fine if you have them, but dont go out of your way for something that is not gonna be used that much. i have posts on utube of my grows, feel free to check them out, i used 4 -55watt CFL's 2700K and nothing else. the Dinafem RoadRunner cola was bigger than an actual soda can! www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVe9r-LS6b8 :smoke:
  16. hmm thats good to know, as i mentioned i have both 6500 and 2700 so im just using the 6500 for now. i may switch them to help cut back on the light that is leaking from the box tho....my whole closet is glowing from the 6500k bulbs haha not exactly "stealth"
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    Do what I did get a shower rod and a dark curtain and hang it in the closet opening like instead of a door, then get some thick black plastic and hang it behind the curtain, I taped it along the top and sides with a overlap in the middle to get through but still block the light (and smoke being as I smoke in the closet) haha
  18. haha thats a pretty good idea actually. but my closet is VERY small! which was contributing to my heat problem, so i have to keep my door open with a fan blowing out 2 keep the temp's down. i moved some clothes and stuff around and its blocking alot of the light so im not worried.
  19. if it were me, i would search youtube for the cardboard grow box. its a great video and he shows you how to build it proper, no light escapes, and it has exhaust and intake fans. Its up to you as to how many cfls and what wattage you want to run. this will be infinitely cheaper than buying some pre-built box from the internet. I hope this helps. Good Luck with your venture! as for a suggestion on a super small strain 'poison dwarf' , in my experience i havent been able to grow one taller than 6 inches. i chose not to grow it due to the small size and small yield, but in a stealth grow, this might be what works best for non detection.
  20. you might wanta start with one plant first due to the fact that your gonna LST. this will make the width so much that it might fill the whole case from one side to the other. Im not saying 2 plants wont fit, but if they do, its gonna be tight and they are gonna be fighting each other for adequate light. also i think it would be a good idea to grow only the one first just in case there are any variables you havent thought of. i hope this helps. (forget the 6500K bulbs, u have limited space and they arent that important with autoflowering strains)

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