1st grow on a budget

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by dudeits420, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Ok, so I finally decided to grow my own, even if i only have about $50 to spend on everything that i might need for my growing setup. So far this is what I have

    2x Growing aparatus thingy (supposed to be a closet organizer) - $12

    2x grow lights (incandescent, spotlight, "G.E. Grow 'n' Show") and sockets/wiring - $25

    Dirt, from fellow "herbalist" - 1 joint

    light timer, from same person as above - same joint as above

    fertilizer (miracle grow all purpose 15-30-15) - $2

    seeds - ok, since I live about 3 hours from detroit, I drove up there and got the best i could get from the people who would actually talk to me with he money i had left over (im white as hell and dont fit in, especially in detroit) - $10

    ok now some pics:




    This is a pic of a spearmint plant i am growing too:

    I know the plant containers are way too small, i plan to get bigger ones once i run into some more money.

    so, tell me what you think, wheather you think im crafty or fukin cheap, i wanna hear it.
  2. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but....

    From what I understand, those grow lights aren't all that good for actually growing MJ. They're designed for houseplants and you usually don't want rapid growth with a common houseplant. So they won't put out the optimum amount of light for getting the fast growth rates you want with weed.

    You're probably better off using a cool light CFL than those things.
  3. well, power went out @ my house for about 4 hours last night. Plants look fine; they've all grown about 1.5 - 3".

    thanks, help_needed, as soon as i get some more money ill go out and buy some cfl's. Since i probably wont have enough money to but seperate lights for both veg and flowering; is there a certain color temp. I should aim for?

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