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  1. Hey guys I'm on day 12 of my early miss auto flower, I have a 100w led 1700 lumens on it, have a fan on it too have them both on 18/6, made the rookie mistake of overwatering it took 4 days to dry so not gona water as often learned from it, soil is doctor earth organic mixed with perlite, just feeding it regular water ph is 6.5. Any advice, tips and comments on anything will be appreciated I want to learn the ways thank you all. IMAG0449.jpg IMAG0450.jpg
  2. You're going to need a shitload more light. That seedling is way behind in growth - not a good thing when growing an auto because their life is short and predetermined. Good luck.
  3. I have another led light same as the first should I have both on it or should I just get a stronger one if so what would you recommend
  4. At this point one small light will work - keep it close.
  5. Any advice, tips and comments ...?

    Throw that meter shit away

    it will or has confused you already over water even light

    lift the pot

    THINK then water or not..!

    hold hand under light at leaf height

    no smoke or pain

    light level is good

    good luck
  6. How close I have it at a foot away should I do half closer?
  7. Yea it is a bit confusing so IL take it out thank you and when you say hold hand under light what do you mean sorry don't mean to annoy y'all just really interested in learning
  8. Cool!

    My advice is cause

    I DID THIS ...lol!

    hold hand a height

    the plant is closest to the leaf

    no pain, smoke, melted skin..?

    then light is good for leaf

    good luck
  9. Thanks will post updates
  10. Noticed the growth I think I had the light a bit too low just rewatered after 3 days any opinions? IMAG0454.jpg
  11. IMAG0461.jpg thanks for the advice it's growing faster now haha

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