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  1. My first grow, took 2 tries to germ. Let the little buggers germ to long the first time. Those little tap roots really take off once they show.... 2nd time thought I had done it again and even started germing 4 more seeds. Well, now I have more then planned but what the hey the more the merrier.

    I have 4 babies doing well, getting their first real leaves I'm so excited..... One other is starting to poke it's little head up and another will probably take a week or so to show. Tap root was only about 1/4 of an inch when I planted.

    To explain a little. This is indoors in soil. Babies are in solo cups now with 2 fluor. tube style grow lights only about 2 in. from top of cups. Can't get them any lower so have been adding soil to support them as they grow. This seems to be a nice potting soil mix, very light so no problems with drainage and all.

    My 2 biggest questions is about lights and the size pots I can use to finish. This is bag seed, not going to mess with my lowryders till after complete at least one full grow. I've already screwed up enough. LOL

    The lights I have are plant grow lights one from walmart 18ins and 75 watts, seems to have a little reddish tint to it. The other is also a plant grow light from lowes 24 ins. long and seems to be more just white and pkg just says 15 watts.... I also have a fluor. desk lamp with no idea as to what it is. They are both the portable kind, just plug and go... I took the covers off of them to the most light from them. I read somewhere where these are good at least to start.
    HERE's where I need lots of help... god knows I've read posts and stickies all over the place, been to lowes and looked and tried to figure things out, maybe I'm just to dense to understand. I've read pkgs of lights and all and can't see where any say hps, mh and so forth. let alone how to hook them up..... I did see a plant grow light at lowes that looks like a spot light. Needless to say I'm not in any way electrical minded. So the simplest is the bestest for me. YES I"M FEMALE. Don't go there, I can do a complete tune up and oil change on a car, change tires and so forth, paint and do dry wall, just not electrical. LOL Got the sh---- shocked out of me when I was prego when my husband hooked up a dryer cord wrong... Haven't messed with any since. LOL SOOOO now that you know the history HELP any simple solutions will be greatly appreciated. I know the 2 lights I have won't be enough.... Can I just add more of what I have or do I need to go a different route. The walmart one says full spectrum..
    I have no idea what strain, this is just bag seed more indica I would imagine from the pain relief and sleep help it gives me.

    2nd What size pot the smallest possible do I need to flower. I have some 8in tall about 6in wide pots I was hoping would work. want to keep as small as possible due to room. I have them for now in my laundry room. Will have to move them to a gutted dresser for the dark time of flowering. The doors are the vented folding type and no way I can be sure to block all the light out all the time. I"m not worried about smell, or having a big harvest. I can grow year round with no problems, and this is just for my personal use. I don't need a lot. I just medicate at night mostly. Also will it hurt to move them just across the room for dark time.

    Sorry for the length of this but figured I need to cover all bases. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. your actually doing good, except the lights.

    look, can You afford to blow a couple hundred bucks?

    if so look into HIDs ( High Intensity Discharge), HPS ( High Pressure Sodium) for flower stage and MH ( Metal Halide) for vegetative growth ..if you have to choose between one of the two go with the HPS ( dense frosty nugs are what you want ,and they are the lights to do it by)

    or look into T5s , they are a type of Florescent Bulb just like you see in shop lights ..just thinner and better penetration with fuller spectrum for growing (I actually use these for veg ..then flower under my HPS)

    if you cannot afford a couple hundred bucks look into Kamels CFL guide

    you gonna want at leat a 3 gallon pot for flowering ..unless you are doing a straight to flower grow BTW..and even then I would still not settle for anything under a 2 gallon pot ..

    good luck
  3. yikes!!! stoner moment.. lol you already been looking at lamps.. ( sorry I saw rant about some folks who think women cannot do "men's jobs" and quit reading as that is BS..fastest Drywaller I ever met was female.) sorry :eek:

    what you are looking for is not really something you can find at Home Despot or the ilk.. You want to hit a grow shop either, in person or online .

    figure out what space you have to use, and what light is best for it ... dressers if deep enough I suppose could hold a 400watt, but I bet it gets really hot.. maybe try for a 250 watt.. or just go straight for CFLS IMHO.

    I use both these places...


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  4. Thanks Warf all the way around...LOL.... First, the dresser is only for the dark of the flowering because of the vented doors on the laundry room. No way I can block out all the light, not to mention hubby might die a little early. I would have to move them every night and every morning. Believe me not a problem around here and just about 10 feet if that from one place to the other.
    Would a garden nursery have these lights. The one that is near me does greenhouse grows, of course not MJ, all year long.
    and yes, trying to keep the budget in one piece right now.
    I've looked at the cfl grows and was wondering how easy it is to put together. Not doing any wiring, don't want to burn down the house. LOL
    Ok now am I missing something.... what is straight to flowering you kind of lost me on that

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