1st Grow, need help lowering temperatures

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    This is my first time growing in a little closet i built in my garage. I'm using Rumpleforeskin's bubble buckets and they are great!

    Anyways, i'm still vegging but the weather here in the valley is going up (97 outside). My grow room is hitting as high as 90.

    closet size 4x3x8
    400w HPS
    6" exhaust inline fan through hood
    4" cutout for air to come in

    some of the leaves are starting to curl up. Any tips on trying to bring down the temps? I just bought a 8" booster fan, but not sure if that would help.

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  2. Pics of your intake?

    Pics of your exhaust?

    What's the ph doing?
  3. ill post better pics when i get home. my exhuast is at the top, in my attic. the intake is the black ABS elbows i put in.

    PH is at 5.6, PPM is 470.
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    you only have one elbow for intake?

    you usually need a minimum of 1.5x the size of the exhaust for intake... i've seen people that had to increase to 3 times...

    so... a four inch exhaust needs six inches of intake... some grows need up to eight-twelve...

    what happens to the temps if you crack the door a half a inch?

    edit.. so i see you only have the four inch intake and the six inch exhaust... thats your problem... add more intake holes... start with one more... the be prepared to add two more after that... or increase the first intake hole...

    sorry i wasted your time not reading your first post well enough
  5. Bingo!
    This is vital. No 4" intake is gonna bring enough air to a 6" duct. Infact,,i would go with 8 or even 10".

    Bring that air through bigger duct,,and you will cool your light AND your room much more efficiently.

    Listen to his post,,he knows what he's talking about.
  6. thank, i guess i'l be cutting few more 4" air ducts.

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