1st Grow (need help and advice)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FirstTimeGr0w, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Like all begginers i have alot of questions without answers and would be greatfull for any tips and advice. i have visited lots of forums reading about different systems to use different medium to grow in and the massive sellection of nutreints that can be used and i am unsure on with path to take. I am going to use white widow cuttings and would like the fastest, easyiest and best quality and yeild size. PLEASE HELP ME.....

    I have a room built and this is the spec.

    Height = 2.440
    Width = 1.450
    Lenth =2.200

    Painted matt white from top to bottom
    All sockets and extractor fans are on a seperate 30amp ring from my main fuse box
    inlet extractor at bottom of wall
    outlet extractor at top of the wall
    3 x portable fans
    chains for hanging lights
    2x max 3000 watt plug timers 13amp 15min adjustable increments

    I have been looking at N.F.T systems with 6 inch rockwool cubes and was thinking of using ionic hydro nutrients. 12 - 15 plants under 2 x 600 watt hps lights hammer finnisher shades, EC and PH tester, 3 x 100ml syringes, water heater for tank and spare pump for constant circullation.

    What would you recomend from start to finish for materials, system, medium, nuts, adatives, etc?

    i am looking to buy what i need and setup to start pretty soon.

    Thanks for any help and advice in advance.
  2. The grow journels might give you an idea.

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