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  1. Hey guys i mostly lurk on these forums, but i decided i'd like some advice from someone wiser than myself. (amazingly enough you can use the search button and find almost anything!!)
    ^^lol anyways...this is my first grow on my own. i started with bagseed and germinated in paper towels etc. where i live there arent any hydroponic shops or anything so i had to get some potting soil from walmart. it was ok for a while but im pretty sure its starting to burn the fuck outta my plants. they look a little small for 2 1/2 weeks in soil and the first set of leaves on some are turning brown starting on the outside and working its way toward the middle new growth. most of them have a lime green/yellow look to them, not the healthy, rich green i'm looking for. i ph'd the runoff and it was close to 7.6+!!! Yesterday i flushed them all and corrected their ph so the runoff is ~6.2 now.
    i did what i could with what i had at the time. now i have a batch of super soil cooking and a some roots organic original potting soil on hand. Now my question is should i start from scratch and germinate new seeds, get some cocoa or another seedling friendly medium, and avoid this headache altogether. OR should i flush each plant over the next 3-4 days and transplant what i have into roots organic until im ready to flower.
    i know there are missing pieces to this puzzle (i dont have the bag or know the name of the original soil that they are currently in). so what i am asking is for ADVICE on how to proceed.
    also keep in mind that i am going to be growing purely organically. i will be transplanting into supersoil before flower and hoping to not have to amend my soil further. would the fact that i did not start in my base soil affect the whole "just add water" aspect of my supersoil grow, or will i be ok if i just flush the shit out of them and transplant to roots organic.
    any feedback would be much appreciated...1 or 2 of them aren't lookin too good so i need to act fast.
    i can maybe get a few pics if absolutely necessary...THANKS!!

  2. Pics will be good for people to identify your problem I'm on my first grow and although I have done lots of research theory is not actual, but that said I will help out where I can. First of all pics please

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  3. here are some pics.
    runoff is still too basic even after flushing. i think the soil i used was just really shitty and this is almost too much work for such young plants. i think i might start over in a better and more known medium.
    could this be sulfur? i think i smell some in the bucket that i've been flushing into. my water doesnt smell like sulfur at all though.

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  4. 1,3,6 look healthy the rest looking a bit hmmm not sure what I would do with them could do with a few more people to come and look

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  5. the light is a bit deceiving and hides some of the discoloration.
    #3 is my best looking plant by far with the least discoloration. it has some 3 leaves coming in and they look good. all the others have some issues.
    more opinions would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. I would focus on the best three put your energy into them but yeah more people looking and giving advice would prob help out a lot
  7. It could be nutrition burn to be fair look into curing that see if that helps
  8. curing? like curing the nute burn? the burns on the leaves wont heal and im flushing to fix the issue with nutes/ph
  9. I agree with Bozie. Just work with the 3 nicer ones. Probably transplant them into the better soil.
  10. I say curing as a meaning to say keeping the plants alive and yeah

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