1st Grow, need advice getting started Micro VS Regular Indoor

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    What up enlightened ones?!?! K so ive been studying the last 3-4 months debating if I want to start growing on my own and I have decided why yes, yes I would. But my options are a little limited and I want to get enough bang for my buck. So I have a few questions and concerns.

    Im still not sure if I want to set up a micro with alot of plants or a bigger grow with less plants.

    My budget from start to finish (including seeds) is about $400

    My space is limited for a few more months (apartment now, house by Fall) and I am worried about heat from a HPS and odor from flowering.

    Thought about LEDs, gettin cheap on amazon and ebay, but I hear alot of talk about quality being cheap and having to replace broken LED systems alot and less yield unless its one 90w LED UFO or better per plant.

    For this to be worth it for myself and my roommate (who is taking this journey with me) I need a pretty decent yield in as little time as possible. qtr lb or more. half lb sounds alot better.

    So if you arent all laughing your asses off at this post ;) any advise would be great. I really like the idea of a dresser or a wardrobe turned stealth but idk if I can get the yield we are looking for or that I can build one fully in my budget.

    Thanks guys (and gals if there are any, havnt seen any yet, where my ladies at???? lol)

    I plan on starting with materials next week and starting a grow journal.

    Stay positive and keep fighting the good fight!
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    Also, I had been planning on going hydro. A bubbleponic top feed system, either single bucket or larger tote, that was before micros started seeming more viable, can I still do a hydro grow micro?
  3. yeah man hydro micros are cool, I got one going right now! check the signature man. I would say a 5 gallon bubble bucket is a good size. atleast 4 gal of res per plant remember.

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