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  1. Ok so I've decided to attempt my 1st grow with 10 feminized Armageddon seeds. As of now my plan is to start each seed in a gallon pot of potting mix until about april which is when I plan on transplanting them outside to my spot I've picked out where I plan on digging a 3'x3' hole for each plant and filling it with Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I wont be able plant the seeds for about a month but I'm trying to get them started as early as possible so I can harvest by the end of July because I will be moving to California in August. My biggest thing I need help with is lights for the plants for the duration theyll be inside. I plan on using cfl but not sure about the wattage I would need for 10. I also havent ordered the seeds just yet so if there are any suggestions on a strain that would better fit my time frame I'm open to suggestions on that end too. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't know anything about lighting, but I can tell you off the bat that most growers don't recommend using pre mixed potting soils. You're better off reading Corto's http://forum.grasscity.com/outdoor-...-grow-guide.html?highlight=outdoor+grow+guide
    It has all the information you'll need to grow successfully, including an awesome medium.

    Edit: Read up on Ocean Forest and found out it is a good medium, but much more expensive than Corto's mix.
  3. Hey Irontoke. Im an armeggeddon fan. This willl be my 2nd year of growing the fems and ive grown the regs 2x. Armeggeddon just wont finish in July and it really doesnt matter how much pregrowing you do. Armegeddon initiates flower set at 14.00 hrs of daylength. For my neck of the woods, that is the second week of August and they finish up around Oct. 20,(9 weeks) Sometimes a clone will finish a week earlier but not always.

    In my mind, your plan is fine(except for the harvest date). The fox farm is expensive as hell but it will grow you some good weed. Ive used Sunshine container mix, Miracle grow and Sta green in holes the same way as you describe with very good success. Both the Miracle grow and the Sta green neede a 1/2 cup of lime added when the hole is filled and hopefullly 2-3 weeks before planting. That one act will increase your yield by several ounces, but any of the 3 soils will grow a good sized plant without any ammending. Ive harvest lb of weed many times using just the method you describe and using any of the 3 soils.

    I often grow on rocky slopes where i have to pick out rocks to make a hole and where there is little soil. Off to wal-mart, buy a 3cu ft bag of Mg or something else, fill up my hole and harvest. A 3cu ft hole will produce 20ozs of weed per Armegeddon plant. Armegeddon is a branch breaker- a huge yielder of Jack herrer quality bud. A seriously underatted plant.

    Good luck to you.,,

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