1st Grow. Nearing Harvest!

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  1. HI GC. Thanks for all your wisdom, advice and support. I started my first grow the 10th of September and looks as though I only have a few weeks left until harvest! (i HOPE) 20% amber and buds are begginning to swell.

    I chose Sunshine #4 for a medium and Green Planet nutes. I used (2) t-5s for vegging and (2)1000 watt HPS for flowering. I did invest in an RO system and have always kept my PH within range and just recently got a PPM meter, so the nutes have been right on as well. I had a few bumps along the road, but for the most part, everything has been very enjoyable and I think I like growing the girl as much as I like ingesting her. ;)

    I find it very challenging, relaxing and gratifying.

    I've got 14 clones 3-4 weeks into veg and plan on doing a lot more training for my second grow.

    I've posted a few pics of my babys. All comments/suggestions are welcomed.

    The 2 strains here are Plushberry and Super lemon Haze. The Plushbery was very forgiving and I recommend it to any noob. the Lemon haze was a little bit more lanky and stressed out a lot. But now that we are in the final run, it is doing surprising well and I wish I had cloned her too...:rolleyes:.

    Bud porn:

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  2. That.s amazing for your first time. Good work!!!
  3. 4 weeks to go..
  4. 4 weeks? And then another 4 to cure (sigh.....)
  5. what size pots are they in? i have 2 1000w hps and i find it very hard to fit more than 10 in 5 gallon pots.

    i use 4 daylight t12blubs for veg

    your plants look beautiful!

    how tall were they when you went into flowering ?

    and i prob sound like a noob but whats and RO system
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    they are in 7 gallon pots and I only have 8 total but did alot of topping to get them to bush out. I vegged for about 6 weeks. An RO system is just a Reverse Osmosis system to get all the impuritys out of the water. They weren't much shorter when i started to flower. Maybe by about 8 inches. They stretch a lot when you first flip them, but once the initial stretch is over, they don't seem to get much taller during flower, assuming you don't have any light leaks. If i had known they were gonna stay about the same height, I may have vegged a couple more weeks before flipping them. Hope this answers your question. They are about 40" tall and 36" wide...give or take.

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