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  1. Hey guys just got all my setup today :) it's a good day! Seeds are on the way!

    1. Hood reflector 8" ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416081940.675673.jpg

    2. 8" ezi air centrifugal fan, 210watts 2500rpm ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416082070.755076.jpg

    3. Lighthouse tent 4x4x7 ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416082191.489040.jpg

    4. Nanolux ballast, I have a 1000w HPS bulb can go up to 140,000 actual lumens. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416082285.905893.jpg

    5. Fox farm nutrients, also got the fox farm ocean forest soil. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416082459.378712.jpg

    6. Also not using regular pots, got these breathable ones for a better yield ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416082602.605465.jpg

    Let me know what you guys think! I have the ducting and everything so I think I'm good with all my supplies for now! Just gotta set it up and I'll post a pic, but feedback would be nice as it's my first time!

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  2. Top notch set up for a first grow man, what kind of seeds are you getting?
    I would also consider purchasing a metal halide bulb for your vegetative stage
  3. Got a fan to blow on the plants? U seemed to have a rather successful first shopping trip.

    Starting ur seeds under a 1k hid might be too intense, but I've never tried. Maybe create a starting area with CFLs then move them to the hid so you don't fry em?
  4. Might wanna check my couple of threads out......one is in the micro grows titled(ARE YOU THE MASTER OF THE MICRO)...And another one in the indoor grow journals titled(Dirt's indoor grow journal).....pretty good stuff you got there.....subbed in
  5. Thanks brotha put a lot of research into what to get, i believe I can adjust the lights intensity so I won't need a metal halide but I'll get one just in case..
    I ordered a couple differnt seeds from different places but I have vanilla kush, white widow, and silver haze all feminized :)

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  6. Yeah I have a couple clip on fans ima stick in there and some Cfls all ready to go, so we will see ima ask some more about the light situation! Thanks for your input my man :)

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  7. Here's my setup as of now trying to get the most outta my setup as well I'm running two multi metal250 watt bulbs and a 400 watt mh' super blue enhanced spectrum bulb all my bulbs are eye hortilux and I'm running lumatek and galaxy ballasts...and have more hid lighting in idle until I'm ready for flowering ladies then I'll switch my bulbs and will probably be running 1200 or 1400 watts depending on which way I wanna go but more than likely it'll be 1400 watts

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  8. Plus I also run t5's when I veg my seedlings so I don't scorch them
    Btw don't mind my plethora of lighting equipment

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  9. Quite a setup man!
    I'll have to take some notes

    Just set up my tent getting everything else done tomorrow I'll post pics when I'm finished !

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  10. Thanks bruh'....lemme know if ya' need some help
  11. The difference between metal halide in high pressure sodium has a lot less to do about intensity in a lot more to do with spectrum for example metal halide runs around 2100k where HPS is going to run at 6400 k.
    K equals Kalvin or color temperature, 2100 K would be more of a blue white light whereas 6400 K is an orange yellow white, each has distinct advantages for different growth cycles ie the veg and flowering
  12. I'm sorry it's the opposite metal halide runs at 6400 high pressure sodium run at 2100
  13. Well here it is...I finally got it dialed in and only took my ocd' ass 3 hrs and a pot o' coffee...lol jitters:p..I have the 400 dimmed down to 200 and another one dimmed and the wing full 250 watts. ...so out of 900 watts available I'm only using 650....for now :blink::blink::D

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  14. Thanks for the info brotha!!!

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  15. Nice man!! What stage are you using the 650w for?

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  17. Just curious, you run it 24/7 or 18/6

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  18. Two eye hortilux multi metal...and one eye hortilux mh

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