[1st Grow] Main stem crack, Buds maturing quicker. D:45

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by 45grand47, May 2, 2016.

  1. Hello all,
    This is my first post/registered account Ive made on the forums in all of my years of random surfing,
    and boy i sure i could use some help on this one

    As the title says: MAIN STEM CRACK :sick:
    It was coming to the end of the second week of 12/12 when i messed up horribly.
    I was moving my grow box to slide it back into the corner, which went fine.
    i opened up the door just to make sure nothing tipped over or was uneven.
    It was in that moment of the door jerking open that my largest CFL wobbled loose of its socket and came crashing down onto my clone below :eek:
    which resulted in the biggest side cola breaking off, 3 side colas bent, like supper cropping bends, and my worse fear, a fracture to the main stem where the largest side shoot was broken from.
    So i applied to some old green thumb skill that i learned from repairing complete stem breaks on tomatoes and just wrapped my girl up tight with the end of a bandaid and was expecting to see her dead by lights off that day.
    Well she living, just fine too, no noticeable stunting to development (other than my own stress training to keep them small.) took place.
    Here is what the main fracture looks like at day 45
    no repair knuckle ever grew and it seems the exposed areas dried out and "wooden-ed"

    but now here is my concern;
    Can the amount of stress lived through be forcing her to the end of her cycle quicker?

    Its my understanding that when a female is approaching the end of her natural life that she can sustain, The plant will begin to eat away at the nute reserves stored in her leaves to finish pushing whatever energy it can into resins, cannabinoids, and flower structure....
    or something like that :smoking-bong:
    forgive my novice knowledge Please.
    A sign that I've learned to look for when cannabis has reached this phase of its life will be
    the gradual Yellowing of the leaves as the plant eats its nitrogen reserves.
    The yellowing is just so unsettling because she's sitting right next to her sister which is still lush green all the way through.

    now my biggest concern in the form of a question.
    Do you think the main stem crack has taken its toll on the little girl and she's literally just dying
    Has the stress of living through the crack brought end of life maturing sooner than her sister

    what makes me say this is because upon inspection of the buds through a 40x loupe, I'm starting to find amber/ transitioning cloudy trichs!
    along with the Pistil hairs turning brown and squiggly and thickening of the buds in recent days is making me think she's on her final push

    My earliest estimated harvest date when i first started everything i made out to be around the 3rd week of May
    and It looks like so far my girls are going to be falling into that time line. I'm just so paranoid that all this work will go to waste so close to the final stretch
    I've been doing what i can by dosing her cube directly with some nute juice but i guess its still to soon to say if this has halted the yellowing, but in my eyes the yellowing still seems rather predominant
    I'm happy with the results of the buds on her though in the recent days, as they've have all now swelled up to bic lighter thickness

    any words of advice will be taken gratefully
    and again please excuse my novice knowledge as this is my first grow.
    is all of my paranoia for nothing and is this just the plants final countdown?
    or is the crack taking its toll on the plant now this late into flower?
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  2. 31 views and no replies, thats disappointing to wake up too
    I'll have day 46 posted here in about an hour and a half when the lights come on for the day
  3. here they are lights on day 46
    thought this leaf was giving the "claw" if you look closely though it was stuck under neath a calyx on the very top of the bud next to it

    figured she didnt need these any more as they were 75%+ yellow and I've read at that point they have no value left for the plant

    thanks for 37 views and no response, guess Ill try checking back tomorrow :coolalt:
  4. thanks for nothing GC, i see this community is only concerned with its senior members. I'll be abandoning this thread
  5. Senior members? Lol. It's hard to get answers here sometimes. You have to be patient or maybe post in a different area. I would've tried to help...

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  6. Awwww. Did you not get attention?

    Your plants look good dude.
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  7. Typical senior member comment ... Lol

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  8. They look fine! Buds look healthy too!
  9. Put honey on the cracked stem to stop any infection setting in

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
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  10. Thank you Duke, This is what i originally did when the crack first happened, funnily enough i had a little bottle of honey on my desk so their wasnt too much time of air exposure to the break
    I never re-applied any though and i left the bandage in place for 15 days before i first checked on it and the picture at the top is pretty much how it looked,everything exposed dried out and some purple-ing of the stem around the crack started forming
    today marks day 50 of flower and I want to pull her at day 60 but the yellowing is so defined now Im wondering if she'll make it, I'll see how shes doing at 55, I'll have day 50 posted here in a moment
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  11. Crack is likely to be to the centre of the stem , in flower your plant won't put energy into fixing the problem , iv got through 6week of flower with daily applications of honey in the past .

    You should be good for ten days , I assume the plant freeks out and puts all its energy into budding , just keep your eyes on her and see how she goes , also its been a few days since op so Yeh throw another pic up

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
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  12. Here she is, lights on day 50
    some Trich shots
    my hands are to shaky to get a clearer close up

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  13. Your pics won't show for some reason ill check back later see if I can look then

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
  14. It's probably due to their large resolution, they're hosted on imgur too hopefully they show up soon ;)
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  15. Looks okay pal just keep putting honey on and make sure your buds haven't either dried up or turned spongey over night and you should be good , may not have a very good production rate but she'll ripen up just fine

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
  16. Did you make it to harvest?

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
  18. Did u make it to harvest and how did it go??? Able to enjoy any of the buds yet?

    Thought u had a sweet first grow. Mj plant is pretty hardy and can survive some abuse.
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