1st Grow - Lucky me!

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  1. Back in May of this year on a walk near a school of all places, I stumbled across a few of these guys


    Concerned for the children I decided to remove one of them in the middle of the night. Hours after the transplant things were looking grim. I thought, big deal considering I found it. Regardless, I just left it in the pot outside and let nature take its course. The next day ground maintenance came by and weed whipped all the remaining ones. Guess i got it just in time. A few days later to my surprise it was looking a bit better, win. I let it sit outside for another month.

    As I am impatient I decided to force flower it to determine it's sex which would be the decision maker to keep pressing forward with it or to toss it away. I've been on 11/13 schedule. About a week of 11/13 to my surprise I discovered small white wisps at the nodes.


    Two weeks into flowering things are starting to take off! It grew 2 inches in one day today!

    This was earlier in the week..

    And now we're at this point!

    I'm excited to see what happens in the next 4 weeks or so! My wife, not so much. "I wish you would spend as much time on the dishes as you do that plant"
    I'll keep making updates to this post as time goes on. Subscribe if you're interested. Leave me some feedback. I'm completely winging it so any advice would be useful and helpful. Thanks.
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  2. Amazing luck, definitely subbed to see how it goes!
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  3. So earlier I said 30 inches, not so, but I did measure it yesterday at 28" and going strong. However I'm concerned it might be a hermie as I found what looked like a pollen sac. It was the only one and quickly got pulled. I hope I didn't pull a tiny bud. Here is the cola so far, looking very nice imo
  4. Do you have a pic before you removed it? Could just be a swollen calyx.
  5. I feel like more than likely it was because it was the only one and haven't seen anymore since. If I see more I'm gonna give it a day or two to be sure. How can you distinguish a swollen calyx from a male flower?
  6. some pics as of today, she's looking great, we had a storm come thru so I had to pull her in a bit early, no big deal right? I counted over a dozen bud sites. The top is a little baron but the bottom is branching out well in my opinion. Let me know what you think. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Stretchy lil plant
  8. It's definitely a lanky sucker
  9. Probably cause I forced flower too soon
  10. luck is with you man ;)
  11. She's at 31 inches now, definitely some stretching going on
  12. would of benefited from a Lil more vege and a fim or similar
  13. It's structure is more like a hemp plant.

    Hemp grows lanky like that. Not much branching and arrow straight.
    Some birdseed has hemp seed in it. So possible that it was a volunteer from some birdseed.

    Not saying that it is. Just an opinion.
  14. Would a hemp plant flower like that? It has gotten branchy near the bottom[​IMG]
  15. I know I've thrown thousands of seeds out throughout the years! I had a buddy that stumbled across something similar in Cali across from his apartment complex about 15 yrs ago...all were crap turned out to me males! I hope it is bud and it turns out dank! Good luck!!

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  16. Yes hemp would flower like that. It's the same plant. Just no thc to speak of.
    Modern pot plants are bred for higher yields of flowers so therefore have more branching and closer internode spacing.
    Hemp is grown for long straight fibers and has fewer branches and a very long internode length.
    Both plants grow flowers and have separate sexes. Flowers are identical on both varieties.
    Both varieties are cannabis sativa.
    Only one will get you high.

    It is also showing very narrow leaf structure. This is another indicator. All hemp is a sativa type plant. Narrow leaf variety.
    Most (over 90%) of the psychoactive type of cannabis are hybrid with wide leaf varieties (indica) and carry genetic traits showing in leaf structure.

    There are true pure sativas for smoking but those are pretty rare. They also have a very long flower time. 12 weeks or more usually. This is why most growers prefer a faster ripening variety.

    Really the only other thing that would cause growth like that is very poor light availability. Like only an hour or 2 of direct sunlight daily. So it is possible that you do have something that you'll be able to smoke when it's done. I'm just saying that it looks like hemp from where I'm sitting. Just an opinion.
  17. An update on my possible hemp plant. The bitch keeps climbing, up to 36 inches now. Taking in to consideration of the last response, I may just be growing some nice looking garbage. I just might have to wait it out and see what happens with it. I'd like to think that it will be beneficial to keep around since, according to threads I've read, it's showing good signs. But let's face it, I did find it along a brush line (con), near a high school (pro), and I haven't put any money into it (pro). Let me know what y'all think. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] (it's looking like it's becoming quite "frosty" around the flowers indicating, imo, good material is developing)

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