1st grow! LST! 4th week of flower!

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    Hello blades! I've attempted a grow a few times and have never even managed to get a seed to sprout. After about 250 dollars invested into 2 cabinets, I decided to buy some fox farm ocean forest and do it right this time. A friend of mine gave me (for free) 78 seeds that he claimed were white rhino feminized seeds. I was obviously skeptical but hey free seeds right? So I threw 10 into a shot glass for 12 hours and after they all sank I folded up a damp paper towel and put it on a paper plate on top of my tv with a ceramic bowl over the top to hold in moisture and keep out light. 12 hours later I planted all 10 in fox farm and the last one had sprouted after day 3. I killed off all but 5 when I transferred to bigger pots because I didn't have enough room to flower all 10. I started flowering less than 2 weeks into veg and shortly after the first pistils appeared I moved 2 to a friends house because im using CFLs and I wanna focus all my light on 3 plants. Out of the 5 that were allowed to flower all 5 were females. My leaves are also extremely broad, definitely an indica-dominant plant. White widow is an indica-dominant strain so I'm almost certain they're what my buddy told me they were. Anyways I'm not gonna give you pix of the first month or so cuz thats the boring part! I mean come on you just read this big ass wall of text its time for some pictures!

    My 3 babies
    Bushy :hello: shes been topped and LST'd. I've clipped a few leaves here and there and the tips to simulate insects eating the leaves. Honestly when it comes to training and cutting/topping I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but hey lets just run with it and see what happens!
    This one has also been topped. I cut off the top two fan leaves to expose the lower buds to more light. More scissor-bug bites all over! you should see the crystal they have when I get more recent pics.
    Same as the one above minus snipping the top 2 fan leaves.

    Whew! its 333 in the morning! I'm hitting the bong and then the hay. Night Blades!
  2. Bump. Come on guys no one has anything to say at all? 166 views and not a single comment?
  3. ill show you some love, ladies look nice. im doing indoor aswell at the moment got 19 ladies under 1000 watt mh having a few nute probs other then that they look nice , im doing blue venom, blue dream,gods gift, blueberry Julius, chem dog, ak48 and mendo skunk. will start a forum later tonight if u wanna follow ill add pics regularly and be checking in on your updates.
  4. sounds awesome man! Blue dream is one of my favorite strains! and I just got some chem dog from my dude a week or two ago, def goes up there with my top 10 favorite strains. I'll be sure to check in lots cuz I wanna see how that goes! you plan on adding a 1000W HPS for flower? I'm off to go check on my babies and train bushy
    I can't wait to see how my babies have grown!
    One other question, how old are your girls?
  5. yea i know blue dream rules. i just hope with my first indoor grow it turns out right or comes out at all.. ive got 2 of each but 7 of the blue venom . they are 4 weeks . yea i am using an mh/hp set up but i mistakenly used miracle grow self feeding soil so im going to start using an 8-4-4 to feed them and just water them every 2 light cycles i dident have enough soil for 2 of my blue venom nor pots so i have them in what i could find til i get bigger pots and another 1000 watt for the bigger room for flower so they will flower under 2000 wt hps and have plenty of room to flower. i used a 5.5 ph when they were sprouts just switched them to 7 ph because no longer have acces to the 5.5 ( i was using a 4000 dollar machine that makes kanjen water ) its pretty amazing but i burned that bridge. im going to post pics tonight some are having problems but none realy the same problem .
  6. my friend has an RO water unit, not sure exactly what it is I just know that it removes all the chemicals and brings the PH to neutral (when using tap water) I haven't really messed with my PH or PPMs at all. Trying to raise my PPMs to 400 or so but I don't have a tester and my grow isn't even at my own house! My buddies room is also running 2000W right now (1 MH 1 HPS) and he plans to add a 2nd 1000W HPS when he flowers. What are you using on your walls? We both went with flat white paint, but I'm doing my shit in a dresser with CFLs x) looking forward to your pics bro!
  7. Subbed because i'm dying to watch how this LST goes
  8. i went with the best of the best equipment i could get without spending 900 bucks. i was gonna go with mylar but the hydro guy talked me into the white/black 95% reflection stuff its easy to clean... ( they dont mention its harder then hell to cut it the way you need) im using a 6x3 room with the 1000wt mh at the moment will move to a 16x10 for flower i have them all in 22 cup" pots they are about 8 inches my biggest ones and smallest is 4 inches the blue venom are 2 weeks ahead of the rest but thats not a prob. ill post pics of the first transplant then ill post recent pics tonight so you can see the development in 1 week. im allready in love with all of them so if i lose one ill lose my mind :p . except one that stretched she can die not gona be a prob ( but shes healthy so she wont haha )
  9. Finally getting my stoned ass around to uploading my pics :smoke:









  10. Hey Blades! Its been a while! I transferred from 3/4 gallon pots to 2 gallon grow bags yesterday using happy frog potting soil instead of FFOF, set up a screen for moving top colas away and allowing lower nodes to recieve more light. Topped one of the plants, took off a pretty big bud from it that I'm drying for a week. Heres some pix!






  11. Obvious you have the gift of gardening; one suggestion, through trial and error I've stumbled upon a neat trick for LST/ I use folio clips and pipe cleaners. The clips can be placed anywhere on your pot's rim and the pipe cleaners serve double duty by being stiff enough to act as supports as well as tie downs. If you follow my posts elsewhere you will see blurry pics of my setup along with my fuzzy thinking on growing in general, much respect and best wishes for your girls.
  12. Thats an amazing idea! I really need to LST for a full veg cycle next time, if i started from seedling I could get a huge bush by the time they reached the screen and then the buds should form a nice canopy of trichome-goodnesss ;D They smell so good! Can't wait to take pics tomorrow

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