1st grow, looks a little sickly, need advice on nutes

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    I have 2 plants from bagseed, about 2 months old but kinda small (maybe the small containers?1 gallon and one that's a little less) In FFoF under 5 26w soft white CFL. I water when the soil is dry like 2" down, usually every 2-3 days with pure filtered water. Some of the fan leaves yellowed at the tips, and the oldest fan leaf on one of them is completely brown and about to fall off. the tips are also clawing down a bit, mostly from older fan leaves but now a bit on the new growth. and one of the leaves has a brown spot starting from the middle and going outward... I just put them on a flowering schedule last night, and I want to order the fox farms soil trio today. Except the few leaves affected (maybe 5 on each plant) they look good, healthy green, nice roots, lots of nodes and new growth.. they have been in the FFoF soil for a month and a half.. could they just be hungry overall? Which of the FF trio should I feed first to fix what appears to be hungry plants? then when to switch to flowering which one? Sorry I can't upload pics easily, but ill try, and no ph tester. Oh and temps stay between 70-80 and humidity is about 40%
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  2. hard to tell man need a pic to diagnose ur problem.
  3. I tried to put up a link to the album I had to make, I hope it works I really want to get this right -_-
  4. k that helped... what size are those pots?.... Are u using a ph tester? in some of those pics u posted it looked like they were overwatered to be honest... the yellowish brown dead foliage could be a number of things ......the questions i asked above will help me but ill give it a shot and maybe u can figure it out after some info
    If a plant is lacking nitrogen it usally will begin at the bottom of the plants and work up seeing that u have very green foliage everywhere else i think we can eliminate that. Ffof usally can support veg growth with no nutes at all. N def tend to make ur leaves pale and yellow not usally brown and crispy. i would recommend a 3 gallon pot for a 2 month old plant of that size. Cut those dead leaves off and use ur ff grow big and ur big bloom for a week after u transplant lets roots get even bigger then switch it back to 12 12 u wanna make sure u plant is nice and healthy before u flower her.....remember ph is important always ph ur water before watering this can cause lockout and nutes will become less availible if at all and cause ur plant to die or turn into a terd lol hope this helped a little if i didnt answer them all srry ask again lol
  5. looked again and noticed ur leaves are wet are u spraying the plant? sometimes when u spry the water droplets can act as mini magnifiers and cause blotchy burned spots especially if u have nutes in the water nutes have oils in them and it makes it worse if u feel the need to spray them turn lights off first let them dry before turning back on or if ur water is hard and ur spraying the leaves with it ...this could be some of ur problem aswell
    let me know ill get ya threw it lol best i can anyways
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    Absoloutely! I'm about to take more pics and add them to that album if you want to see more.. Okay the bushy plant that is LST is in what I think is a 10" pot, looks like about 1 gallon size.. the other one is in a Hawaiian punch container lol.. a little less than a gallon... I'm going to get some 3 gal pots for my mothers, and transplant these two into them for the rest of their cycle. They are just "practice plants" as I gather everything and get experience and hopefully end up with a 1/2 oz per week perpetual harvest.. I ordered the FF trio today, but are you saying I should put it back into beh, then into flower again? I've found one set of pistils so far... PH kit is next on the list, ill prob order that next week and then all that's left is the Scrubber.. so they look healthy though? I just need to do it up right the first time (with budget constraints) to show the BF that it'll pay off.. any advice/ opinions are appreciated!
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    And yes I do mist them once or twice a day, ill try to make sure that isn't part of the problem, and that super crispy leaf is the eldest on the plant, when I clipped the other big fan leaf the Browning seemed to spread, left that one alone and its hardly spread since. I'm mostly wondering what to give it if I keep it in flower from here on out. And also, I have seen a few gnats and want to use neem oil, can I use it in flower and how to use it with nutes...
  8. k..two big things def pots and a ph tester this will eliminate much of the headaches...If u want to flower now...then keep them under ur 12 12 light sched and use ur fox farm accordingly i would start at about half strength and move up from their ur gonna wanna use all three for the first two weeks of flower keeping n in ur diet durning flower is a plus IMO it helps for strong branching and tight nodes.... mix all three to a gallon of water read the bottle it will say the does for potted plants cut that does in half and mix into ur water ....impt! add nutes then ph. Keep Nitrogen in ur regimen for the first two weeks and then cut it outta there...u can use a additive bud candy,sweat,molasses,etc this will help with bud swell then use Big bloom, tigerbloom , additive of ur choice and use that for the duration of flower be sure to flush properly according to the strains flowertime

    Gnats suck ass i get em all the time use flytape stay away from the neem if ur new it can cause other problems u dont need .....IMO unless the gnats are fucking gnarly and infested in ur soil dont sweat it too much. Neem can woop on spidermites "i hate that words gives me chills" but that is much more serious issue than gnats..they say the larva from the gnats can eat ur roots and cause problems but ive had em several times and it doesnt seem to affect them... sorry about my grammar spelling punctuation and format lol hope i could help..dont spray em in flower can cause mold and make ur bud taste like poo...
  9. Awesome help dude thank you so much, they are already mad smelly ;-) now I just can't wait to feed em! I guess I won't worries about the gnats, I've only seen 2 or 3 and now that I'm not misting I think they'll go away.. thanks again the help is much appreciated

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