1st Grow looking for some help with setup.

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  1. Whats up everyone, I am planning to start my first grow by myself soon and I was wondering if I could get some pre-advice! I will be growing in a 4'-4'-6.5' tent with a 1000w lamp(both MH and HPS). The grow will take place in the walk in closet of my apartment. My main question is how to properly ventilate? I followed a few tutorials on how to calculate the needed CFM of the exhaust and they all came out to about 180-250 CFM ratings. However, the carbon scrubbers I have been looking at have a CFM rating of about 400CFM, I'm not quite sure what this even means? Is this the necessary CFM for it to work properly? or the maximum capacity?

    Any help with this dilemma would be much appreciated or any other general info or advice (worried about the smell in apartment). Thanks ahead of time
  2. Your gonna have a hard time keeping that thing cool. I had a 400w HPS couple years ago couldnt keep it cool in the closet had to move the tent to a open area it just was not working.

    A 1000w HPS can get so hot you cant touch it. HID lights work through igniting a gas.

    Anyhow as for the carbon filter and inline fan there sold same sizes. So 4 inch inline fan 4 inch carbon filter.

    A 4 inch inline fan will not be adequete for cooling especially in a closet. Also you will not be able to have your closet closed with that light in it.

    As for the smell the carbon filter removes 100% of odor.
  3. my 4x4x7 tent has a problem keeping 400w hid cool i run 6" inlet to the hood, and 8inch exhaust

    another 6 inch attached to carbon filter exhausting top heat, and another inlet hooked directly into my central air incase of emergency. Also run a turbo fan with 8inch inlet into bottom of tent ot keep pots cool....

    if its 90 outside or higher, i have a problem keeping it in the 70's, and thats with my house at 72 degree's

    just some thoughts
  4. Thanks for your replies, however I think the answer has escaped me! There are various strengths for fans of different sizes. You can buy 6" duct fans with 100-200 CFM or 6" inline fans that can have excess of 500 CFM. Also, what does the CFM rating on the carbon filter mean? As for heat issues, I think I will be able to avoid this problem as the tent I have has a large opening that I plan to put a window AC in for an intake. What's your opinions on that?
  5. Not sure if its blowing on the plants if they have a problem with the ozone crap they put to actually cool the air

    but i port mine directly into my central air at times(when outside temps are 90 plus), and it blows right though the hood lol..thats the CFM from the central air...6inch inline 200 cfm, and a 8 inch 400 cfm.none of the air ever hits the plants.

    keeps it cool

    and out the other side of the tent, into a broke ac unit i hollowed out, none of that hot air escapes into the room, it all goes outside.
  6. . Your reading to much into it lol. Its really simple. Its a fan that extracts air from the tent. In terms of CFM you will always have more air exchange then your tent needs so dont need to worry about that. The more air you take out the more heat thats the goal especially if your running a 1000w HPS.

    On your heat issues well set it up and run it...but I think you are underestimating the heat a 1000w HPS puts out.

  7. Cannot wait to upgrade to those fans ^^
  8. Thanks for the pics dudeodan, I think that gives me a bit more clear understanding and rhapsody thanks man, but I dont think its that simple, I know you atleast have to have negative pressure inside your tent and this is why im wondering how to achieve this with maximum results.
  9. You dont have to have negative air pressure. The larger the fan the more negative air pressure you will get. That happens best when your tents flaps are closed.

    It is pretty simple man. Get a fan that is adequate for the light not the tent. Like I said the smallest one will exchange air rapidly. The Carbon filters match up to the size of your fan. If you dont have either then that link above or your hydro store is a good place you can get them as a combo set.

    Generally cool air will come in from below and your vent system up top to pull the cool air up and hot air out. Easy peasy.
  10. no problem, idk about negative pressure, mine sucks in on sides sometimes lol....this is how i exhaust the heat out of the actual tent, it has carbon filter on outside, and normally a small bent flex pipe to avoid light leak...there is a hole on the opposite side of the tent for another intake...but i put on low on the bottom to bring cooler and fresh air in..


    Its probably overkill right now...and have to shut one down during winter to keep it too cool when lights are off, but it was the only way to stay under 80 on nights in the 90's outside

  11. I wish my tent didnt have these flaps at the bottom, im constantly worried about light leaking in from an outside room,ive locked myself in and the without the flaps taped shut, light does enter...
  12. yea the flaps on mine are perfect size for an AC unit :smoke: so im happy with them haha Im hoping my tent can stay at 70 degrees so I can have my purps turn purp. Thanks again man. GL on your dank
  13. my purple still turned purple last few weeks ive had in the low 70's..even though it still gets how on days like this...almost 100 outside lol

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