1st grow looking for some advice

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by shredthegnar666, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. so i have a old speaker im looking to grow some bud in i understand the basic needs ventilation, lighting, ect. but im looking for some input on the best lights i would use for growing one or two plants. if anyone has some feed back hit me up
  2. I don't know your dimensions, but I assume they're pretty small. I'd go with some CFL's; 6500K for veg, 2700K for flowering. Lowe's sells them in like 4 and 6-packs for $11 and $12, respectively. You should also be able to pick up some relatively cheap sockets and a couple of extension cords to wire them. You want at least 100 watts (actual not equivalent) for one plant, but more is always better. Just surround your plants with them. You'll probably want to focus on ventilation and light proofing your speaker. Good luck!
  3. Right on thanks man. any ideas about ventilation what kinds of fans would be good to mount in my box, also should i use a angled pvc pipe for light reduction when connecting the fan to the whole in the box?
  4. Computer fans will probably work well cuz they're small and move a lot of air. You can find 90 CFM fans on tigerdirect.com for about $15. You'll need a 12-volt adapter to wire the fans. An old phone charger, or something similar would work. If you don't have one laying around, you can check out Radioshack. Yes, angled PVC elbows are good, but the more bends the better. You could even make a small baffle box (like a labyrinth inside a box for air to be pulled through) painted black on the inside.
  5. if you paint the inside of the pvc black, you may be able to get away with just two 90 degree bends. check out rumpleforeskins thread "light proof axial fan" im too lazy to search right now sorry lol.

    Definitely go for CFL's, check out 1000bulbs.com, perhaps get one larger (85-105w) bulb rather than many small ones? They're not too expensive either.

    good luck! BTW aluminum tape is amazing for light proofing.
  6. I don't know why so many people suggest to get larger CFL's. Seems like you get more lumens per watt out of the smaller ones, are able to cover more surface area, they're cheaper, and they put out less heat. For example the 105 Watt CFL on 1000bulbs.com puts out 6200 initial lumens, when four 23 Watt bulbs, a total of 92 Watts, would put out 6400 lumens. These same four 23 Watt CFL's cost $11.00 at Lowes, while the 105 Watt costs $27.00 on 1000bulbs.com. Not trying to be a dick, just curious if there's any specific reason you suggested the larger bulbs.

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