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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Warlock, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking about growing 1 plant, just for testers. It's coming into summer here & the sun is out a lot, it gets light early & stays light until quite late (10pm)ish)).
    I'll be growing the plant without any assistance besides food, water & sun light.
    I need a breed that is ready in the shortest possible amount of time, what breed would you recommend?
    I've been looking at the Ice breed, although it has a low yield I love the way it looks, & with the amount of THC crystals on it, it looks like a great smoke.

    What breed is ready in the shortest amount of time, & which breed will grow ok in only sun light & no controlled environment?
  2. lowryders are the way to go i think for your environment
    but look into a sea of green
    it is when u take a bunch of plants and put them together in one area and do a quick vegging cycle until they get like 6 inches than flower them and than you have a sea of green
  3. Are you talking about an outdoor grow?
  4. Yeah it's for an indoor grow. Like in my bed room or something.
  5. do live with your rents??
  6. first offf WELCOME to the CITY Warlock!:hello:

    now lets get down to buisness....your grow will be fine if its in a big SUN ROOM, then why can't YOU control the temp. with the HOUSE thermostat? shouldn't be a problem at all....leave them in there and let be....i'm eastern US and grow season is up and about....you should harvest around the same time as us maybe earlier, no telling could be later.

    for great genetics try Reefermanseeds.com look at the flowering times, 7-8 weeks is the shortest flowering normally, i would grow Lowryder strain for my main grow b/c it simply autoflowers and never vegetates(but since you are looking for REALLY short it flowers from seed to bud in 8 weeks tops!). Good luck and GrOw On:D

  7. My mum, but she doesn't care. I'm 21 anyway, it's not like she has anything over me. No worries.
  8. Thank you muchly indeedy. I will use lowryder then.
    I guess I could use the house thermostat :D

  9. There isn't much point in growing 1 plant because it has a 50% of being male. Read a couple of the guides that are stickied at the top of this forum for some more detailed and informative information. Good luck!

  10. 2 plants then?
  11. no bro. like 8 plants. a couple could just plain suck, or you kill them, so you pitch those. Now you have 6. Let's say that maybe 4 are male. Now you have two ladies. Grow those.

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