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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by die-Sel, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, so at long last i have talked the g/f into letting me grow. She decided to let me since i said i aint buying it any more he he

    So below is the main kit ill have:

    1.Envirolite Single Lamp Reflector
    2.Envirolite 200W Lamp - 6400k or 2700k???
    3.Thermometer & Hygrometer
    6.Food etc.
    7. 1 x 16cm Grumetal Fan

    Am after a simple grow which i tend to fully look after. I can get everything i need for £100 listed above as a few mates have already done this and has soil etc left over. So the main things ill be buying myself are Number 1-3.

    Below is my intended grow area. The back+sides will be covered with mylar sheeting and the front with have a cloth blanket dropping down were the doors open. Should have enough room for 2-3planets under the 200w lamp


    If am doing anything wrong or could be done better then please say so.

  2. No suggestions at all????
  3. Make sure you leave the doors open while the lights are on as much as possible.
  4. yea will be doing that, the only thing the will cover the front is a light netting sheet
  5. Small Update for you. 14days old

    Plant 1
    Plant 2
    Plant 3

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