1st Grow; Just Wanna See Where It Goes

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    So a few weeks ago, I decided to throw a bagseed into a party cup with dirt and see how far it would go. Turns out dirt, atleast the kind I had, doesn't work too well because after a week under a light and the sun, it only had the two leaves it starts off with and nothing else. So about 3 weeks ago, I noticed my neighbor had a bag of Miraclegrow on his porch and I took some, put it in a new cup and germed a new seed. Actually had the seed germing in a napkin in a a closed container under my bed for about 4 days before I remembered and when I got to it, the root was all silky and stuff. I planted it anyways and within a day I was already seeing growth. Now its almost 3 weeks since I planted it and its growing very well. Way past my expectations because I have it under a very, very small CFL in my closet. I think it was either 8 or 13 watts. Some low number like that.

    Anyways, here are the facts so you can get an idea of the growing conditions.

    • The plant is on a 24/0 cycle.
    • It receives direct sunlight from about 3:45 to 6-6:30 because I get off work at 3 and since my backyard has no fence, I don't want to leave it outside for people to see. I'm off Friday and Saturday and I let it stay outside from 10 to about 6.
    • I am not using any nutes.
    • I am not using any ventilation.
    • The water I am using for the plant is water that I mixed with some Miraclegrow and leave in the fridge. Don't ask where the idea came from because idk. I just did it when I first started and have been using it since. Doesn't seem to negatively affect the plant as far as I can tell.
    • I water it every day/other day whenever the cup starts to feel lite and the soil isn't moist.
    • The plant currently grows on a shelf in my closet that I moved so it could be closer to the light sticking out of the wall.

    As you can see this is a barebones setup. I didn't expect it to get this big to begin with so I didn't plan to spend any money. I do however have a 65 watt CFL (6400k, 3250 lumens) that I 'borrowed' from the maintenance department at work today and will be replacing that little bulb with it. And I'll get nutes soon.

    Now for the pics. This plant is 17-18 days old. The brown spots are from it touching the lightbulb. I took these pics yesterday. This is my first real grow so I appreciate comments and such. I'll get pics of my 'setup' up when I get home.

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  2. The pictures are way to big.

    Good luck with your grow though. Looks like a sturdy little plant.
  3. Nice looking plant. Especially with such sparse conditions you have had it in. Attach your photos instead of inserting them. Its easier on us. Please and thank you. I'm subbed. Interested to see how this goes.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Fixed the pics and have a couple updates.

    Turns out the light I currently use is 15 watts. As far as the light I got from work, it doesn't fit in the socket. So tomorrow I'm going to head over to Home Depot and get one of those plug in socket things to use with a power strip.

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