1st Grow ? (JRS)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by xxkmanxx, May 14, 2003.

  1. ...this will be my First grow....i plan to grow outside, and i wanted to know :

    1.what kind/brand of soil do i need?

    2.do you really need fertilizer? if so, what brand do you recomend.

    3. any advice for a new grower that would help.

    i don't really care if i dont get that much bud, i jus want a little, so i can say i grew it, hey its only my 1st grow.

  2. decided to grow your own eh kman.....well read the guide under my sig, if you have not allready done so, it will guide you.....Peace out..........Sid
  3. yeah that guide is great

  4. i wanted to know if Miracle Gro Potting Soil Mix is good. i heard it might burn or hurt your plant, is that true?
  5. yes it will......it can be grown in it....i've done it in the past......but better going wioth a normal soil...Peace out........Sid
  6. My mom has 15-30-15 Miracle Gro Plant Food, can i use this as fertilizer? or is it too strong?
  7. that's a flowering fert......keep that for when you're going to flower the plant.....Peace out.......Sid
  8. read a book, or five. Have you ever grown anything? Try weed will grow anywhere, buds r hard work, carful planning, years of practice. You can get it right the first time, but i didnt, you can do it good luck
  9. mj can grow in soil that tomatos grow in, right? so ill go to home depot/wallmart and ask for tomato plant soil :)

    and i was also wondering what the fertilizer's power should be in the veg stage & in the flowering stage?

  10. i use 10-10-10.....for vegging, and like 10-30-10 for flowering........Peace out......Sid
  11. just use soil from around ur home and use worm piss for fertizer. move the germating stem back and fored to make it stronger
  12. dirt/soil from around my home will work? where do i get worm piss? and what is the germating stem that i should move make it stronger?

  13. if your going to grow inddors then your better buying soil, less chance of bugs, and it doesn't need worm piss!.......just plant the seed in the pot approx 1/2" down and keep moist.....not too wet, but never let it dry out, and in approx 4-6 days it will sprout, if not, gently remove the soil and face the tap root down and gentlt recover, ps don't touch the tap root..............as soon as the cotlydons show, get a light on it............Peace out........Sid
  14. i'm going to be growing outdoors, like in the woods or something.
  15. if the soil outdoors doesn't look too good then dig a hole and fill it with your own......Peace out........Sid
  16. i jus started to germinate 4 seeds. i hope it all comes out well :) it's not too late to grow, is it?
  17. depends where you are....maybe one the u.s. growers can help you on the light times in your area.........Peace out......Sid
  18. i live in New Jersey, i don't know if its too late, but its worth a try :)

    and i was wondering if rain is bad for the plant, cause its been raining the past few days, and i'll be planting outside, when my seeds germinate.

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