1st grow/journal plz help!

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  1. I started a few questions in another thread but its coming along so i thought better to do my journal here previously


    anyway I am new to growing and so far this is what i have/need help with if anyone would not mind.

    3 bag seed sprouts in cups under 5 26watt daylight cfls and one 42 watt 2700 cfl with a Fan blowing lightly in the room. They seemed to have a slow start but I don't really know.

    using pikes nursery potting soil and wal mart distilled water I have very little invested in this so far but if i HAVE to HAVE a pH meter i might get one because I know I will have to start spending money sometime.

    Planning on using all Fox farms line when i get ready to transplant and I have a space with a max height of 5 feet and width of about 4 feet they can be grown in safely.

    The biggest sprout looks the best but not that great and the next biggest one looks like i may have had my lights way to close or a def. of some kind can i use pool strips to test water runoff? is that the same? what do you guys think i am doing right/wrong i don't want to lose that f upd one because i only had 3 and no idea if they are female =( I guess Im asking if that one sprout looks like a light burn from being to close or having water on the sprouts itself or the soil Im using right now

    Seeds from attitude coming in soon tho. thanks for all help and information provided i love this site!!!

    All my pictures can be seen here the most recent album is what i am referring to and the older one is when they first sprouted

    all in all they are less than a week old thanks

    maysenator's photos and albums on webshots
  2. oh and there is also a picture of the back of the bag of soil I am using in case its got messed up shit in it haha

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