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  1. i have grown before but have always fallen short...first time the a/c broke and cooked the plants, second time my dog bit the plant in half, and the third time my parents found it.... (what awesome luck...lol) well needless to say i finally have my own place and i am trying again however i never made it into the flowering process so i am not too familiar with this phase....

    the first picture is a clone and this is the top bud..
    the second picture is a close up of the top bud...
    third picture is a bud about 1/2 way up the clone...
    the fourth pic is the mother which is some random bag seed...

    what is going on with the clone? why does it look like a cactus? are the calyx's going to open and fill in? they have been in flowering for over 2 months now approaching the 3 month mark

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  2. Congrats on ur harvest ! The only advice get a better light n with that comes ventilation n u will get addicted to grow !
  3. thanks...i am all ready addicted and cant wait for round two...when i was looking at pictures of buds in different stages i didn't really see anything that looks like what i have...is this normal or an oddity? should i harvest now since they are not going to open or wait until they eventually open? i am running a 250watt mh during veg and then switching the bulb to a 250watt hps for flowering. if i go to a 400watt (which i was thinking of) venting is going to be hard because i cant drill holes in the walls... i used an organic soil mix (in 1 gallon pots ) that was all ready to go (at least that what the people at the hydro store said) so i didn't use much fertilizer...which also could of hindered them a bit
  4. that is a funky looking plant for sure lol. the only thing i would change other than a better light is bigger pots. i used 1 gallon pots for my first grow and they were pot bound like a mofo! switched to 3 and 5 gal for the second operation and oh mylanta was there a huuuuge difference. they were so much happier than their ancestors lol.
  5. thanks for the advice...i harvested the mother and when i looked at the roots they were defiantly root bound...ill have to get some larger pots before i start up again....ill have to get some updated pictures because it seems like the are slowly starting to open..they have been showing sines that they where flowering 3 month ago yesterday...i am quite surprised that they are taking so long to develop...i know it very by strain but how long should it normally take for a plant to fully mature?
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    i tried to upload pictures but i only got this ^.....how do i add a picture thats not from a website?
  7. ahh...i had to go advanced...well here is the updated pictures...it seems like they are starting to open...i guess i will wait another week or two and see what happens

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