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  1. this is my first grow, I'm using all bagseeds I collected. I have a 400 watt MH on them. Im a little over a month into veg. 12 plants, not showing sex yet. Im about to change my bulb to my 400 watt hps an change the lighting to 12/12. I also a few days ago was given 6 clones, 3 strawberry cough, 1 bubblelicious, 1 blue mistic and 1 aurora indicus. I potted one of the strawberry cough yesterday, the roots looked great. It seems to be perking up now that its in soil. Im still waiting on the two other strawberry cough clones to sprout more roots. And for the other 3 clones im still waiting on them to grow roots. My medium is moisture control MG, (i know not the best). I have a small fan blowing in the keeping them lightly dancing. Im using expert gardener nutes its 15_30_15 and im watering it down. Im about to start flowering them. Any tips? I keep it at 78 degrees with a digital therm. Anything would be helpful. More pics to follow [​IMG][/IMG]
  2. need to take down the nutrient levels a bit. looks like a bit too much nitrogen. try diluting your nutes a bit more before watering, and only every other day.
  3. Looks like a deficiency of some sort.

    Back off the nutes for a solid weed or so and use plain RO water. Let them chill out, take a breather for a little bit.

    What nutes are you using, how much, and what soil?

  4. This is my 2 strawberry cough clones.[​IMG][/IMG]
  5. This is the strawberry cough I potted, she seems to have perked up. [​IMG][/IMG]
  6. These are my plants right now. I backed off the nutes, what do you guys think? [​IMG][/IMG]
  7. To d00bzzz I am using expert gardener nutes 15 30 15 way watered down, an im using mg moisture control soil. Both from walmart.
  8. Your back right one is still too high on something, not too long before it starts to wilt by the look of the curl of the leaves. Make sure your PH's are right before watering and with that concentrate of nutrients diluting it is def best. See if you can find an online nutrient chart for that brand, so your levels are not too high.
  9. those look good!!!

    but i think you have to many plants in there.

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