1St Grow In Rdwc With Herojuana Og

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  1. I built my own RDWC and using botanicare line up. (Pure blend, bloom, cal-mag, sweet and liquid karma + silica, aquashield)  ppms kept at around 900-1000 after plants matured. 
    ph kept at 5.8. started from clones, vegged for 1 month and now i am at 9 weeks since light switched to 12/12
    temps very high on top of canopy, near 95-97 i didnt realize this until a week ago when i saw leaves burned and dried snapping off. these buds are not swelling up unfortunately and i am very worried this crop may be a loss. ): this strain is a 10 week strain so i will give it 2 more weeks, with 11/13 hours, lowered temps to 90s  and lowered nutes 1/2 dose at 500ppm.
    pics on the bottom are from last night. also light timing got interrupted once last week when i accidentally changed light hours to 13/11 on instead of 11/13 off. time was off for 2 days before fixing.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that these babies will swell up or im gonna set myself on fire.
    thanks for looking.
    IMG_20130303_183626.jpg IMG_20130320_221914.jpg IMG_20130409_224652.jpg IMG_20130417_225756.jpg IMG_20130505_230411.jpg IMG_20130523_010110.jpg IMG_20130523_010155.jpg
    IMG_20130530_223429.jpg IMG_20130530_223444.jpg IMG_20130530_223508.jpg  


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  2. What are you using for a densner?
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    dont you want ph more along 6 - 6.2 in mid bloom for magnesium / calcium uptake? also what are your water temps if your room ambient is mid to high 90's before.

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