1st grow in about 4 years

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  1. Whatsup yall
    Long time lurker
    Remember back in the day how taboo this was? Now its barley an issue where im @ ... how shit changes!!

    SO i started some beans the beginning of this year multiple packs some Sour garlic cookies and the tally man from Oni also was gifted a pack of pineapple Poison by concentrated genetics... I ended up using my old 4 by 4 tent and was given LED fixture to test out for a friend on the commercial end of things

    Everything I grow is organic usually depends on what it is but my techniques very between a couple of permaculture techniques as well as knf no till biodynamic gardening etc..

    I started with a 50 gallon smart pot and a bale of triple-washed Coco coir as a base I added in a ton of stuff including
    Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal,Karanja Cake - Terviva,Alfalfa Meal,CalPhos,Camelina Meal,Crustacean Meal,Fish Meal,3x Fish Bone Meal,Soybean Meal,Sul-Po-Mag,Malted Barley Grains ,Azomite ,Basalt Gypsum Oyster Flour, EWC, yucca extract ,IMO3,grow stones and mayyyyybe a couple more ammendments & let bake for a month before moving indoors into pot.

    Once my seedlings were old enough they went straight in the pot and given light feeds of SST and hydrated kelp meal until they matured- i vegged these gals out a little too long i usually flip after 4 nodes but i wanted to let these go a bit longer.. no issues during veg or transition flowering went flawless, kept my N high during 1st 3 weeks of flower now im cutting it back and adding a 1/2 ripe banana FFE as well as flower top dress from BAS (highly reccomend these ppl they know whatsup) and am starting lollipop/defol at week 4 but am slowly cutting over the week(good or bad?) As to avoid heavy stressing.. these girls have been bent in half and the vigor on this tallyman keeps them knuckling up and reaching towards the light!
    The LED is a 1300W fixture with 5 big cree cob chips as well as a bunch of tiny diodes for a multi spectrum system , it definitely did not preform like a 1k HPS but i think they're are better companies out there that make more high quality lights but i have yet to try any other then the one iam using, though next up iam trying out a new bar style fixture (spyder) that i hope lives up to the name. 20181214_152608.jpg 20190326_212651.jpg 20190428_214705.jpg 20190602_184150.jpg 20190722_141137.jpg 20190722_141133.jpg

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  2. What would u guys use to bulk the flowers up week5+?? Getting some Lobster shell compost tomorrow
  3. Mineralized phosphate....high P guano of some sort. Brew up some tea? Compost and guano tea would give it a nice shot.
    Frosty nugs, niiiice!

    If those aren't true Cree COBs 3590 chips or whatever it is, its not going to perform that great. So many say Cree and they're not.
    If that was actually 1300w of Cree COB in that little tent, I would think it should be WAY brighter than that unless you have it dialed down?

    Check out HLG and quantum boards if you guys are testing lights for commercial growing. Especially if buddy's picking up the tab....hey-o!!!!

    I would love to see you light that bad boy up with 4 QB96 Elite V2's with a HLG600H-54 driver. I would bet money that you would be waaaay happier with the results.
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  4. Seeing that smaller thumbnail....it is pretty bright but focused straight down in the very centre of the tent. The other shots look kind of more dull though.

    I wonder if you can adjust the field/angle of light to have it spread out more? Some COB style lights can adjust the angles.
  5. I wish I could change the angle of the COB- newest addition to the 50g was a mixture of high P fossilized seabird guano kraja\neem came 3x composts(prospectors-Oly fish-pinto bean) bio char fish bone/kelp meal & gypsum as a top dress and trying to water every 2 days- The fabric pot seems to dry out WAYYYY faster then my beds
  6. I'm new so take my advice with a grain of salt but in week 5 I did an aerated compost tea using compost, bad guano and worm castings and unsulfured molasses. The girls seemed to like it and put on decent bulk.
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  7. No grain of salt needed! Sounds pretty good.
  8. The more I look at that picture, the more I imagine the plant going "is that you, God?" every time the lights come on lol! It's like an insane beam! COBs certainly have the penetration of the canopy nailed that's for sure.

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