1st Grow - In a closet on a budget [Need Advice!]

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    First grow, so I'm new at this, but have a reasonable proficiency with other plants, shrubs, flowers etc.

    At a point in my life where it is possible to do this. But anticipate at least a one week vacation where I will need to rig up some sort of watering situation of sorts. Open to suggestions.

    anyway, this is almost a practice grow to get the technique down for a more substantial grow later on.

    With all that out of the way:

    germed a handful of seeds with the paper towel method, keeping dark and warm. Stuck the seedlings in a small box with a cfl in there to start. Got a few little guys.

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  2. Good luck with the growing man.
  3. What are your plans for growing them into maturity?... I hope you have a bigger box :p

    Looks like a good healthy start, and it's about the scale of something I might do so it would be great to here more about it! (I was thinking about doing a 'practice' run as well)
  4. Reached the 2nd stage. Plants are around 6" high.
    Under 3 @ 26w CFL's and 3 @ 13w CFL's, so 6 @ 117 watts total.

    (The CFLs say 26w = 100w, and 13w = 60w but i'm pretty sure that in comparison to incandescent bulbs?)

    I am having a few problems at this stage, and I have diagnosed a couple.

    Firstly, I was over-watering. If your new at this and your plants are in small buckets (2Liters like mine!) make sure not to over do it.

    Also, I think I had my temp a bit to high, and my lights a bit to close. I switched my fan set-up to blow on the lights, and raised them up a bit.

    Lastly, I would not be surprised if my PH is off. I think It may have to do with poorly mixed soli and poor quality seeds, because some of my plants are doing better than others, and they have had identical treatment.

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    Day 20

    Ok, I now have my temp (above the lights) stable at around 75 F, but I think my humidity is real low, how can I up the humidity?

    Also, my plants older leaves are becoming more yellow, and getting some brown spots....

    I will update in a day or two and let yall know if the fan/ light change helped at all.

    OPEN FOR FEEDBACK!!! of course.

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  6. You can mist them with water using a spray bottle. Or buy a humidifier (Parents often buy them for their children and sell them afterwards, so it's a good thrift store/garage sale/ebay item.) There's also the DIY Option.

    I have no growing experience so I can't help with the discoloring issues. Try THIS thread.

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