1st grow!! *HQ Pics* HELP appreciated :)

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    "Redwings" Cannabis Sativa

    6wk veg, 8wk flower

    Some final shots:




    yeah that big guy toward the right felt like it weighed a couple lbs.

    and don't worry, this is my 2nd bathroom in the house :p I put a small fan oscillating in there, and there's ventilation at the top of the room, going outside (out the roof).


    But yeah I'd say my first grow went well :rolleyes: A little fresh water, food, and TLC did the trick. This bagseed maiden really did all the work, but I'm just happy I have the ability to sustain plant life indoors :) I'll post weights and what-not later if I get a scale.. but from the looks of things, I have a pretty good yield over-all! Much more than I expected from a single plant. No training or trimming of any kind was done during the grow.

    Some say the hard part is over... but I say the hardest part will be airing out the cure jars, inhaling the smell, and storing it back up for later :devious:

    By the time she's done curing, if she ends up being the very potent, fresh bud I hope she'll be.. I may continue growing with bagseed for now, and perhaps amp up my grow-room a bit.

  2. Nice job man...

    Now that you're done with this op... Change at least one thing up. Lights? Fans? Genetics?

    Bud looks good...I cant wait for a smoke report.

  3. Good call :) Yeah I do plan on switching things up a bit next go.

    Mhmm, I wont be completely happy with the grow until shes dried and cured, and kicks my ass. I've read, with bagseed, the potency and flavor only comes out with a good cure... and I am patient! Thx for the input Acid, your trees are looking fantastic, atm.
  4. Thanks man...The purp has only been drying for ~36 hours but i smoked a bowl...lol Killer!! But Its all in the genetics.

    Lemme know when the buds dried and post up how ever many jars you fill!!
  5. Well, after 4 days, the stems were very crisp, as well as the buds... the "dry room" I used was excellent as far as air circulation (used an oscillating fan blowing against the wall/door... to rebound the air) AND the room's ceiling ventilation.

    So the trim began. 3 HOURS heh... I really under-estimated this girl.



    Now hurry up and get gooey and awesome for me, damn it! xD

    edit*The two jars on the bottom ends are trim/under-developed pistils.. bud.. and a lot of trich shrouded leaf.
  6. Wow...you hauled in quite a bit. Did you get a weight?

    How bout a close up :poke:
  7. I am going to venture a guess.

    I say 3/4 lb. when dry.

  8. Ok I guess 7.5 oz
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    so at this point, the airy buds have dried some more, become more dense, and now take up about 75% of the jar. The average weight of dried bud per jar is 29 grams, so I figure after a bit more weight-loss, It's looking like a bountiful harvest indeed!

    I mean SHIT!!! Yeah. I'm happy. :cool:

    Sampled a nug this morning. Still sampling some as I sit. Surprisingly fast-hitting & mellow body high. Increasing in effect when walking, or lying down. A very steady, long-lasting, omg buzz. Plan to cook with it ASAP :D

    :yay: My indoor sativa girl :yay:

    No current grow plans ATM, this setup came down as fast as it went up, and I now have more bud than I know what to do with.

    ALL THANKS TO GC FOR THE INSPIRATION!!!! :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks: :gc_rocks:
  10. Awesome man! Glad to hear it will be plentiful for your consumption. Hook us up with some pictures of the final product. :smoke:

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