1st grow!! *HQ Pics* HELP appreciated :)

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  1. Oh man now the fun begins. Great plant.
  2. Yo! Nice plant!

    Thanks for stopping by my grow as well!

    You are pretty far ahead of me....cant wait for those buds!!!!
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    Getting pretty sticky in here


    -- slight brown of pistils, possible deficiency? No other buds seem to be affected.
    --Every branch is becoming riddled with buds, up and down.

    --Top 7" of the main cola that's shot up, with the main bush below propelling all around.

    thx for checking out my big, beautiful, bountiful lady :D
  4. The "browning/reddening" of the pistils, is the plant breaking down the inactive cannaboids (that dont get you high) into ACTIVE THC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that gets you high!!!)
    Its looking great man, sexy sexy sexy!!!!
  5. Thanks :)

    Update time!

    ~24 days into flower, ~8 weeks since sprout

    Big girl

    A look down one of her arm branches (she has A LOT of them)

    A cluster of central buds

    Getting dusty :cool:


    This girl is clearly from a very abundant and hardy strain.. just a jungle of buds! She seems very happy so far.. and so am I :D
  6. damn, so jealous, my plant looks horrible, nothing compared to your girl!
  7. :eek:

    Is that frost on those pistils?

    That looks awesome!
  8. next grow you should try using that white screen underneath the pot in that 1 photo and do like a small sog with it.
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    Ahhhh 3 day weekend out of town and my "dog walker" bailed on me, my girl went thirsty!! and it's her feeding rotation as well.. I fretted about this for a while lolSO we open the door to mrs droopy sadpants


    Yes, here we have proof ^
    Plants can frown at you.
    :laughing: Pulled her out, water/fed. Her core still stands tall and straight.. she formed pretty symmetrically, so while the outer branches drooped and caught some different/better light, she stayed fully straight and supported! (I'm still glad she didn't go even another 6-8 hours.. the branches would have been on the floor.


    Rows of joy


    Plumping up !

    Otherwise, no other issues. Temps good, air-flow ok. Smell, Well it's gone from that "average house-hold plant" smell to a more sweet aroma.. like someone's cooking.. for Willy Wonka.. ;) No counter-measures have been taken. (Besides a couple coal evaporator thingys that I can officially tell you do NOTHING! :D worst $19.99 spent in this journey. If needed, I'll be neutralizing the odor with a DIY O.N.A. Bucket

    Appreciate the comments, woooord :smoke:
  10. Sexy buds man, next photo update can you step back like 3 feet and take a pic of the whole setup? For ol' ISD? :p I'm curious, its my first run with purely flourescents.

  11. Awesome thread, it has been a good read so far!

    subbed! :smoke:
  12. hey dude, shes coming along great! sucks about the light mess up! shes looking very frosty:hello:
  13. just went through the thread, i'm currently planning out my first grow. I have the space prepped and i've started buying the supplies.
    Your grow has given me some good pointers, + rep and subscribed
  14. Thanks all! Appreciate the encouragement.

    What the heck, here's a little update. ~9 weeks from sprout



    Taking some steps back, here you can see my set-up. It's a bit guerrilla.. but the light reflection/coverage is great.. along with my ventilation system. Using my AC unit's central fan, I'm flowing fresh outside air directly into the room at a high velocity.. and my exhaust is passive. My cfls are suspended above using a rope & ceiling drill-screw. I have two of those large reflector domes around 42w 6500ks. And attached to the suspended surge-protector are 2x 42w, and 2x 105w.


    and this 80w rests below, with it's own reflector hood. Gives nice coverage to some lower foliage/buds.


    Plenty of new growth has shown since flowering began.. producing even more bud-sites.

    :D [​IMG] :D
  15. lookin good! I just started flowering yesterday!
  16. Holy shit dude those buds look BEAUTIFUL. That indeed is a B E A UUUUUUUUTIFUL plant.

    Acid, I started flowering too as of yesterday.
  17. Very nice progress. Hadn't checked this in a while, but very impressed with the way things are looking.
  18. Looking good bro getting there.

    Shits looking good man wishin u good luck bro
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    Hey, thanks :cool:

    She's so photogenic!


    Stands 45" tall, Wingspan 43" ;)


    side boob

    inner cola


    one bud branching out below the main bush.. things are sticky down there as well

    :yummy: :yummy: :yummy: :yummy:
  20. :yummy: Thanks for the porn.

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