1st grow!! *HQ Pics* HELP appreciated :)

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  1. Yeah, but by that size, you'd expect to see the 2 little hairs popping out... keep your fingers crossed...

  2. I think what has me pausing most is the color of the supposed pistols. The plant seems too young to start showing orange hairs. It could be genetics that would cause that, but I'd still like a focused pic.

    BTW, Mornin guys :wave:
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    Great feedback people.. much appreciated! :)

    Long-ass work-day. I wish I remembered what a free weekend felt like (lol). Delay at work caused me to now get home 20 mins after the room clicked to sleep.. didnt get to see em all day :rolleyes: or snap any shots.

    However I did get a good stare at them this morning before leaving. The odd, red little hairs seem to come out of individual chutes or skinny pods all along the inner stem, some longer than others, and I can even see new ones emerging from their pods. The plant's Stipules are all in-tact and seem healthy.

    Everything I've read and seen so far indicates these could be female pre-flowers.. but whats with the 1 hair instead of 2 ?? And the location.. are they supposed to show on all nodes like that, or just new growth?

    Loki, I see what you mean in that pic. I zoomed it on my cam and it does look like a freaking ball shape. Right next to the hairy 1-hair "pistil". 1 hair.. 1 ball.. could this be a herm?? lol.

    This is so fascinating. :D will have more good pics up soon.
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    Plant (A) Redwings


    Looking a bit droopy, especially that undergrowth! just all bunched together and life-less. The soil is still mildly moist since the last watering.. so IDK what the deal is here.

    I did catch a better shot of her stalk below:

    C'monn I hope those indeed are female pre-flowers :devious:

    Plant (B) Reba


    Looking perkier than A, but that's just because Reba has always had less inner growth than her counter-part.

    *Edit, after this post.. I went and checked on them again. with the help of my moisture meter.. I found the soil was "Dry" all the way down!!!!!! The surface just felt a bit dense and moist to my finger.. but it looks like they've been feasting a lot more in the past 72 hours.. most likely to the flowering stage being induced. Gave em both a nice, fresh, distilled drink + 1/2dose bloom nute.

    Here's hoping they perk up!! :smoking:
  5. read this and watered my plants right away lol. move over man, or get a bigger couch or somethin. im gettin crowded here.
  6. They were wonderin why you were bein so stingee with the agua, ha ha.
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    Oh yeah, without a doubt. Here they are today:


    :D MUCH better after their water. Plant (B) Reba on the right is getting taller than Redwings (A), but has had less inner growth so far. (Strain characteristics, perhaps?)

    On the pre-flowers.. Those little red hair-like things are actually forming new stipules up and down the stalk, so those were not pistils.

    I'm sure it will become more clear as flowering progresses. I have patience. Over-all I'm just happy to see two mature, thriving plants at this point :)

    Edit* I removed those ridiculously huge pics, they were just up for fact-finding purposes.

    Check out Plant (B) "Reba"s balls!

    Yep, she's a he. Reba was Rebok all along. (lol) Nice healthy sets of balls, though. ;)
  8. The one is definately male. Pull it before it contaminates your female (if there is one)
    Sorry bout the male man.
  9. "Reba" is a dude!

    "Redwings" might be a girl... It looks like two hairs popping out in the red circle?


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  10. Haha thanks for the feedback :)

    It will actually help things a lot by removing one anyway.. MUCH more light and space for the other to bloom. I'm definitely going to be planting Reba outside somewhere safe to finish growing. Wouldn't feel right just throwing it away :D

    What are the adverse effects of a male being in there? Besides seeding the buds. Does it affect the potency?
  11. some say that the seed production process uses up a lot of the good resin that makes your buds potent.. others say it makes it more potent.. either way most of us prefer seedless..:D
  12. Yup, it's all about that sweet, sweet, sensimilla :smoke:

    And yeah, looks like you got Bertuzzi'd on the Redwing (sorry, had too :smoke:)
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    After doing a little more research and talking to people.. it's official that the seeded buds on a female plant are MUCH less potent after they spend energy producing seeds. It's the lack of pollination from the male that "stresses" the female, causing her to achieve her highest potency/THC production! "sexual frustration" in nature... I freaking love it!

    Bye bye Reba!! It's been fun. Final shots



    Before it was thrown out I cut and finely chopped up some of it's leaves to make some herbal tea :D I heard it tastes good and can give a mild head-buzz. Will brew it up later, I'm glad the plant served a purpose of some kind :)
  14. Day 10 since flowering shift.

    Day 45 from sprout.

    "Redwings" (No, I don't follow hockey, but I do love the fistfights.. It's the nickname of a good friend. The actual origins of her nickname are personal, and we'll leave it at that :rolleyes:)




    Aaand away we go :D
  15. Congrats on bein the proud dad of a beautiful baby girl. :wave:
  16. Awesome man, I'm hoping to do my first micro grow perhaps this coming spring. Looking forward to updates :smoke:.
  17. I second this. Congrats man. I bet your really friggin happy that she turned out to be a girl after all.
  18. subbed. just starting my first grow, about the same setup as yours.

    Congrats on the lil girl
  19. nice stuff bro!
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    YO! :wave: Appreciate the feedback guys.

    Yes indeed I'm THRILLED/relieved Redwings is a girl. Hopefully I can fulfill her needs and get some fresh healthy buds :D







    I'm counting 30+ budsites all around her :eek: She's just branching out so much it's amazing. Seems nice and healthy! Drinks A LOT.. needs watered every 48 hours or starts to droop. Still doing 1/2 dose Bloom nute every other water.

    That's all for now!

    Cheers :smoke:

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