1st grow!! *HQ Pics* HELP appreciated :)

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  1. Typo... meant "blender"

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    Oh ok. So what did you mean by "blender" then? :laughing:

    Update, 5wk 4d from sprout (Plant A "Redwings" is to the right. "Reba" to the left)

    Thrown into Flower 72 hours ago, a pair of stout, green bushes :D

    Investigated both plants, found this one leaf. Seems like some kind of burn.. Will keep an eye on it. Also...

    Serious issue?
    Long, clustered roots like this are coming from the bottoms of both. Is this O.K. to see when flowering?? Or do the roots need more room as buds form???

    PEACE :smoke:
  3. in one of the pics it looks like your pot is only 3/4 full of soil, maybe pull out the rootball, add more soil to the base of the pot, then put the rootball in and water. itl give them a Litttle more room, unless you got bigger pots then by all means yeah it looks like they could use it.
  4. Those two CFLs totally look like a hand held blender... :confused_2:

    Don't worry about roots poking out. As long as you don't have drainage issues, you'll be fine.

  5. What a recovery! Congrats on not throwing in the towell. :)

    I've had roots sticking out of my soil grow for the past 3 weeks now. They came out a bit at first but when they got their first bit of light, the made a hasty retreat. No problems with it whatsoever. You can also try what ISmoke has suggested since it is a solution and could ease your mind.

    On a side note I see your plant is named Redwings. You a fan? If so, what about that knee-on-thigh that the Mule got from Orpik?
  6. It's not a solution, if he doesn't have a problem. If he transplants now, he'll lengthen his grow time do to the transplant shock at the very least... Worst case, the plants hermie...

    If it's not broke, don't fix it!


  7. Not true in the least. A transplant if done properly will not throw the plant back. Not to mention that you should always start with a fuller pot. If you start with less soil, you can run into problems earlier. There are countless threads here and on other forums by people chasing their runoff's ph in soil that has lost buffering. I didn't say he had to either. If you read my post fully, you will see that I stated I had no problems with roots coming out.

    Point me to articles stating that transplants done correctly = shock no matter what. Please.
  8. You did so suggest he try it. And you're still defending it. It's his first grow, what are the odds a transplant would go flawlessly? And there is no "flawless" transplant... every transplant disturbes some amount of the fine hairs on the roots, causing shock.

    Since it's your idea, why don't you point us to an article that says transplanting during flowering doesn't cause stress?

  9. Suggested? I sad "You CAN try as it is a solution." It's a statement about option, not suggestion.

    Is that the best argument you have? I need to find info to only support my post? Well I did and now the challenge is on you.

    Gardening Techniques - Growing Marijuana Indoors - Indoor Marijuana Seeds

    Urban Garden Magazine | Grower Talk: Transplant Shock

    Both of those talk about different types of transplanting from seedlings, cuttings and "mature" plants. The hairs you're worried about being disturbed from the transplant is minimal. In a cutting or seedling this would be an issue, but a plant with a mature root ball won't see a difference unless you mangle it. Also you will read articles that state transplant shock is also caused by hot medium, over watering and light shock.

    I'm not assuming the OP is an incompetent boob either. He's worked hard on getting his plant into shape after a rough start. A proper transplant on a plant needed to be transplanted won't harm anything or stunt growth. Especially since this "transplant" is adding the same medium to the bottom of the pot.

    Basically, all I hope is that Firestone monitors his pot and transfers BEFORE signs of the plant being root bound. I hope it doesn't happen, but he should be prepared.

    Firestone: sorry to have your thread get hijacked +rep
  10. You said, "You can also try what ISmoke has suggested since it is a solution and could ease your mind." You know he's nervous, and it was a suggestion, maybe not by you personally... We're splitting hairs at this point.

    And your links say nothing about transplanting during flowering, so you fail. Try looking up something on root growth during flowering... "mature" plants... pfft... There's a big difference between a vegging plant and a flowering plant, specially where roots are concerned...

  11. Of course, his plants aren't really in flower yet... So, actually, he could and probably should transplant before they are really flowering...

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    ....and now he gets it ;)

    I didn't know why you were so stuck on transplanting during flowering. I didn't even read your request for info on transplanting during flowering as I didn't even think he was there yet according to the pics (no signs of even pre-flowers). All he has is a mature plant at this point (4 weeks old).

    Anyways, that was fun. At least you stick up for what you believe is right.
  13. I've had to transplant adopted plants in full flower and even though I was really really careful and even use a little superthrive... and they didn't grow for weeks... Maybe I'm a little gun shy now...

    But his plants are still vegging... so if he's careful it's all good.

  14. Hey, I think if anything this proves you're willing to help people and stand up for what you said, especially when trying to help someone out. I find that very commendable. :smoke:
  15. Hijacked? LOL that was awesome, actually. Loki, slocal you both give me hope for the human race :D

    slocal, thanks for stopping in, love your work my friend! I agree with you on the general concept mentioned earlier, filling the pots up to 1/2" or so would have been ideal.. but i'm getting nice growth so far,

    the general idea I'm hearing is that growth will simply stop/slow, and the mature root system in place just needs to be taken care of up to harvest, yes?

    Question 2,

    :eek: wow I must be confused man! Help me out..
    what are those
  16. Much appreciated, brah :)

    Yes, you are right that when a plant goes into flower, the roots slow down. It's focusing it's energy on reproduction now.

    I had thought those were stipules that were damaged from the previous issues when she was younger. Can you get a more focused pic to solve the issue? I know it's not as simple as it sounds :)
  17. I think they are just whats left over from the little shoot those massive branches came out of lol

    Hi slocal:wave:
  18. Doesn't that look like a slightly out of focus nutsack starting? (purple arrow)


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  19. I am just trying to help.. mostly... :wave:

    When I see someone talking the talk, I gotta :poke:em a bit to see if they're a grower or a forum rat... You passed with flying colors.

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

  20. Its hard to say imo,

    Even female preflowers grow a tiny ass little branch before showing a preflower/calyx that I've seen

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