1st grow!! *HQ Pics* HELP appreciated :)

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  1. Growth update for today. Having concerns....


    Discoloration like this appears in a couple spots on plant B. A deficiency of some kind?

    (Nice shot of the duo)

    These are 3-gallon pots.. Should I be concerned with root-bounding?? Even when I transplanted, the roots were dense and circling the bottom of the smaller containers.. Do the roots expand while flowering also?? If so, I may start 12/12 sooner than I planned.. any input?
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    it's waaay too early to tell the gender.. but here's a good pic to reference when you are trying to flower..


    also you may have a mag def.
  3. YO! thanks for the input :D That's a GREAT reference pic on sexing! I now know what to look for much clearer. +rep to u. Also sorry to hear you didn't get a female this time around but you said it yourself, the plant and it's conditions were fantastic so that's what matters really.

    I'll see what I can do about the deficiency, they seem very green, healthy, and bushy overall. Still curious about root-bounding issues and when to expect them..
  4. um.. i'm not sure what the signs are of being root bound but Mechanibus did something really awesome where he cut off the bottom of the pot that his plants were in and just set them on top of another larger pot... I think he did that around the time he flipped to 12/12..
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    Sounds pretty innovative! I would be concerned with the roots not being able to expand in all directions. But either way, I have no problem inducing flowering as soon as tomorrow if only I knew what the roots looked like, in terms of filling up the pots.

    Honestly, I'm about to pull up Plant B just to glance at the roots. If it's like I suspect, and they're running out of room.. I'm switching to 12/12. (A) is nearly a foot tall, 18 inches wide, bushy. Yield isn't a huge goal as this is my first go. Such little resources went into this, so any amount of fresh, personal bud harvested is a success story. :D
    Any big dis-advantages as far as bud quality if I begin 12/12 at this point? Is it ready??
  6. dont pull up the rootball. your plants look really healthy man just keep lettin em go. as long as they arent turnin yellow or dryin up they r fine
  7. Uh.. you could run 12/12 fom seed if you wanted to.. there is only the disadvantage of the size of the plant = the yeild.. If you feel comfortable flipping to 12/12 when it's 12"-18" tall then flip.. I wish I had flipped when it was 12" tall.. I flipped when it was 2ft tall and found out that it was a male and it was going to outgrow my tent..
  8. They look like they have room yet. Next time fill the pots to about 1/2" of the rim. There's a lot of volume up there and the plants want the space! Don't pull B up unless you're going to transplant it. You'll find out what the roots look like when you chop.

    As kinetic said, the longer they veg the greater the yield, but it doesn't affect quality. Quality is more dependent on genetics and growing conditions. If you have height restrictions you might want to flower now. They will double or triple in size when they go into flower.
  9. People! Thanks for the replies :D

    Okay so maybe I won't use plant B as my guinea pig.. especially since it's looking so good these days. Growth has not stopped, that's for sure.



    I definitely don't have height restrictions in the room.. all I want is to make sure they both have enough root space for maybe 1 more week of veg, then I'll start 12/12. I haven't used any grow nutes at all during veg.. so does that mean I shouldn't use my bloom nutes during flower?
  10. definately start using your nutes soon. the plants root system are finally almost mature and have nearly sucked up all of the good stuff in your soil. time to start adding your own.
  11. Interesting that A is bigger than B, but B's root system is bigger. Makes sense, I guess -- B spent more energy on roots, A spent more on leaves.

    When you transplant into fresh soil, that soil has some naturally occurring nutes in it (especially FFOF from what I've heard, but I've never used it). When you start the nutes, start at 1/4 or 1/2 strength, watch them for signs of deficiency or toxicity, then gradually increase the dosage. It is better to under feed than to over feed, because deficiencies are easier to fix than toxicity, but watch them closely. You will definitely need nutes for blooming. (High P nutes)

    You can also top dress with worm castings or compost, if you have any. They are rich in N and won't burn the plant.
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    Thanks for the feedback :D This most recent watering I gave a 1/4 dose of FF Grow Big to plant B just to experiment.. well here's what we're looking at on 9/21/10 (37 days since sprout)



    As you can see they are both filling out NICELY... I really like how (A) is growing with a dense and bushy flow to it.. and (B) has gained height, but not as much inner-growth. 9-point leaves now showing on both. Want to induce flowering ASAP, just need to switch out some lights. I ordered a couple new huge 110w 2700k CFLs and they just arrived.. just need to find correct placement.


    p.s. Is it common to not trim or prune any fan leaves? I've read it can leave the plant more vulnerable to disease and it's a huge insect attractant. As buds form, won't they take advantage of these large, mature leaves also?? Or will they completely block out life on the underbelly of the plant? I do prefer my ladies Au Natural, anyhow.. ;)
  13. WOW! Very nice bro :hello:

    Keep us updated please!!
  14. Thx for stopping by :)

    12/12 began yesterday, added the new lights.


    So with the addition of those giant 105w CFLS (one spiral, one long-U), I have a total of 420 Watts of 2700k CFLs burning. (42+42+42+42+42+105+105 = 420) I did not plan that, LOL :D. And surprisingly, they are not giving off much heat at all. Both of my fans are on low, and the temp doesnt go above 83F @ leaf level.

    Will start flowering nutes on the next watering. Using FF's Tiger Bloom.

  15. Very nice for a first grow buddy. Amazing actually.

    Do those 105w bulbs screw into a normal light socket? Or did you need a bigger "Mogul" socket for them? I'm thinking of ordering a few from 1000bulbs.com
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    Word, SmokeDaily, I also followed your first bushy lady! Grats on that :) I almost regret not doing LST, worrying about all areas of the plant not getting love.. but judging from how they look.. it would seem to be thriving on all levels so I'm hoping for some dense plentiful buds!

    Yep the 105w attached right into the "medium" regular socket. I do believe it's the largest CFL you can get without needing "mogul". But it's definitely an efficient power-house of light for a micro setup. They put off little heat.. and it's not as heavy as it looks. ($17/per. 1000bulbs.com) I think my babies will get exactly what they need during this transition to flower. I went from 212w mixed, to 420w 2700k.

    thx for stopping in!! :wave:
  17. nice plants man they look awesome cant wait to see them go through flowering
  18. I need some people to look closely at these next several pics, and provide feedback. :rolleyes:

    Plant (A) "redwings" stepping outside for a drink
    Let's get closer to redwings for a sec..

    Plant (B) "reba" was also thirsty
    Reba side view
    Caught a nice focus just before the cam died

    Both have vegged for ~4 weeks, ~48 hours since 12/12 & 2700K temp shift.

    thats all for now, peace! :cool:
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    :smoking: Looks like a blender... right? right? :hide:

    Plants are looking good. Are you going to top them soon? I saw screens the back ground of your pics. Are you going to Scrog? If it was me, I'd top them and start LSTing them to get them ready for the screen before they get too big.

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    Hey there thanks for the input :) I have no idea what you mean by "bender" :confused:

    Nope, no LST/Scrog this first time around, just letting them do what they do.

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