1st grow hermie?

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  1. 1st grow. Outdoors. Feminized seeds. This is either ak-47 or blue dream. This plant is the most mature and appears to be starting to go to flower. I have found a few of these sacks and I’m worried it’s a hermie. I’ve removed it from the pack and I’m waiting to see what happens. What do you think? Normal?

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  2. Na, just a swollen Caylx:)
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  3. Your good. Male parts will be round, they will also hang and usually clustered. That calyx, the butt of it is all in the node. A male will have a space, almost a lil stem where it connects to plant. With a herm IME I’ve usually gotten nanners and not male sacs
  4. Thanks for your reply’s. I will put him back with his buddies.
  5. You mean her, put "her" back with her buddies;)...
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  6. Her back, with her buddies ha
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  7. Dude ur just dooming yourself and asking for males. When have you ever heard of a bunch of females like being called him LOL
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