1st Grow going strong (PICS!!!)

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  1. I have two plants one is going great, it has been growing at a great rate. The other one has been attacked and chewed on by some sort of insect. I have seen pill bug, ants and these white moths. I have put foil at the lower end of the steam in a cup shape upside down on my two plants, to keep bugs from going up the steam and eating the leafs. So far this has worked very well. I have also sprayed a garlic ,soap-water, cloves mix on my plants. I think this may have stopped or at least slowed the bugs down do a unnoticeable rate. I would suggest this to any having some or these problems. I have attached some pics as well of both of the plants. Feel free to check them out or leave any suggestions.

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  2. These are looking nice. Did you ever consider taking the tin foil off, spraying some insect spray all over it, waiting until it drys, and putting it back on? The smell might keep them away, but I'm not entirely sure. Good luck, and happy growing.
  3. this is your first time so its alright. I hope your someplace warm or you will need to get them indoors soon
  4. I live in South Texas so i am fine for a while.

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