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1st grow. giant outdoor plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by 5dollarftlong, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Ok this is my first grow and I am afraid that my plant is to large to finish the flowering process. It's 5ft tall and about 6 wide and there is only 2 months left until harvest time where I live...do you think there will be time.

    Top view...

  2. The size of a plant won't affect the flowering time. What does determine how long a plant takes to flower is whether it's a sativa dominant or indica dominant plant. Sativas take longer to finish flowering than indicas. I can't be sure, but from the looks of the fan leaves I'd guess it's slightly more sativa than indica but you still might be able to harvest in time, and if not then you'll still get an early harvest.
  3. Also this is just some good bagseed I got..can u tell me what strain it looks like? Thanx
  4. we must have been posting those at the same time cause u also answered my following question lol...thanks a lot cause its good to kno that this big lady may make it..does it look good or do I need to change anything up?
  5. You generally can't accurately tell which strain a plant is, especially during the vegetative phase with no buds developing. And it looks nice and healthy overall, but looks like some of the fan leaves have burned tips which could be sign of overfertilizing if you're using nutrients.
  6. I have been using some miracle geo about once a week. Is that a good idea or should I jus start using only water. Sry 4 all the ?s but I'm trying to get the most bud as possible. And will miracle gro make my bud taste bad?
  7. not if u flush 2 weeks before harvest
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    If this plant is 5ft tall, you must be 10ft tall or standing on a ladder cos it looks more like 2-3ft.
  9. It was actually about 6 ft. I tied the top down and now its between 4 and 5 ft. I'm holding my camera above my head.
  10. This pic is a lil better

  11. More importantly than trying to determine the strain, flowering is affected by DLIS, changes in photoperiod, as well as environmental conditions. Telling us where you exactly are growing this could help solve the question.
  12. Well I don't wanna go in details with it but I'm in kentucky lol

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