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1st Grow: FS ICE and Bagseed [400w HPS/MH]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by The Pen, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all, this is my first grow.

    Right now I have 2 Femaleseeds ICE and 2 bagseed plants going in small square pots.
    Two of the bagseeds and 1 ICE are in Foxfarm Lightwarrior soil, and the other ICE is in a mix of 3 parts Lightwarrior and 2 parts Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil.

    Right now the plants are under a 400w MH lamp and seem to be liking it. I've had them under the MH for 3 days now, and before that they were under 2 30w floro tubes.

    Planting Dates:
    Bagseed #1: 12/12
    Bagseed #2: 12/15
    ICE #1: 12/19
    ICE #2: 12/19

    And the pictures:
    1. Bagseed #1
    2. Bagseed #2
    3. ICE #1 (w/ some ocean forest)
    4. ICE #2 (just lightwarrior)
    5. Temps/Humidity!

    How am I doing?

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  2. try to raise humidity to 45%-55% range if possible... adding a couple of jugs would help... also watch the plant in the 2nd pic, u havent nuted have u? if so, give it plain water for the next week or two, until the first 2 leaves fall off (cotelydons sp?)... if u havent nuted then make sure the light isnt burning it... otherwise looking good
  3. No I havent fed them anything yet. I think that browning is just from the light, so I backed it off a few inches.

    One question: My temps have been dropping to about 62F when the lights are off for 6 hours. Will this hurt me in the long run?

    Thanks for the imput
  4. no just dont let it get below 60, maybe try to raise to mid 60s?, i try to keep my nights in the mid to high 60s and days 75-80... temps below 60 at night will slow growth and lock out some nutrients
  5. Thanks BrazyJay, that's good to know.
    Can anyone recommend a line of nutes that might work well with these plants? I would like to keep everything organic if possible.

    I feel like I didnt really explain my setup very well at first. Here's a more detailed rundown:

    -400w HPS/MH (about 14 inches off the plants now)
    -Small fan to circulate air
    -Small 85cfm exhaust fan (not on very often right now)
    -Myler that will be hung to surround the plants

    Humidity has been easy to raise by filling a sink with hot water, but I've been spraying the plants as well.
  6. Update for today!

    1. Bagseed #1 (showing some sign of browning on the tips of the leaves)
    2. Bagseed #2
    3. ICE #1
    4. ICE #2

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  7. nice grow man what kind of ferts are you gonna be using. ice sounds like a really nice smoke goood luck! :hello:
  8. I dont know what kind of nutrients I'm going to get, I was hoping someone could recommend something. I'm willing to pay for high quality.
  9. all I know is that ice is nice, mine is only about a month old and it already smells of lemon pine skunk
  10. Update for today!

    Bagseed #1 has a portion on the tip of its leaf that is completely white. Growth seems to be good on both of the ICE.

    1. Bagseed #1
    2. Bagseed #2
    3. ICE #1
    4. ICE #2
    5. Temps/humidity (with light off)

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  11. Bombs but there aint no real buds yet!
  12. Just wait a few months.... :)

    I keep looking at my bagseed plants and I see that the edges of the leaves seem to keep browning. Does anyone think this might be a sign of nute burn?

    I havent fed them any nutrients but I did add a little bit of Ocean Forest soil to the top of the pots to cover up the main stem a little more.

    Could simply watering the Ocean Forest topsoil be enough to burn the plants?

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)

  13. You need to back that light off further, I start out at 24" and don't move it closer, Instead I let the plants grow till they're only 14-16" from the light, I don't like getting closer until I have to.
  14. nah keep them that way
  15. Thanks for the tip chimera, I'll get those lowered. I dont understand why the light would burn the bagseed plants but not the ICE.
  16. Nice grow man, our babies are about the same age I planted all 5 of mine on 12/15. I only have floros now but a 250w MH is on the way. I plan on flowering with the MH cause I can't afford anything else right now. I'll keep checking in on your progress and hopefully we both end up with a few females. My Grow Journal

    Good Growing!:wave:
  17. sikabuyin: Best of luck on your grow. You're plants do look to be about the same age as mine.

    Well, the larger ICE plant is looking amazing (and I say that in comparison to the others). Both bagseed plants seems to be lacking motivation.

    Is it normal that 1 of the bagseeds plants is a whole week older than the ICE, and yet the ICE has outgrown it?
    Maybe it's genetics, but I wouldn't have expected bagseed to perform so poorly in comparison to the pedigreed seeds.
  18. that ICE , indeed is a strain i was researching a while back..... im going to watch your grow, the plant at cropping time will be covered with resign and tricomes,,,, many times more than any other strain,,,,

    a word of advice,,, dont ''manhandle'' it ,touch it in no way thru out the grow, or youll crush some tricomes, and that strain is ;; for;; its resign ,

    when you cut it,, only touch the stalks, when you cure it,, dont handle the buds directly....

    and youll have some good weed come smoking time,

    in the future, when your plants swell with thier buds, humidity, is going to be a issue,,,,,,, bring it down now or your going to have a problem,,,,,:wave:
  19. Thanks for the imput chicken. I dont think that humidity will be a problem in the future. Right now I'm struggling to keep it in a higher range.
  20. Update for today!

    I don't like how the bagseeds are yellowing and showing so little progression. Does anyone have any idea what could possibly be slowing growth? The first Ice is looking very strong, its only problem is that it has a creased leaf caused by the seed casing not coming off.

    I'm still looking for recommendations on nutrients, if anyone has any imput on that.

    1. Ice #1
    2. Ice #2
    3. Bagseed #1
    4. Bagseed #2

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