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  1. Been in 12/12 about 2 weeks now. Wondering if my plants are ok (I don't think so). 1st plant looks more like a sativa but has some really small leaves. Is that how young sativa leaves are?

    Plant 2 looks better, but the newer leaves are small too. Also the leaves in general don't look dark green, more a light green.

    Both plants are in 6" pots (!...I know, should have upsized during veg) and are about 6" tall since I LST'd them.

    - 150w HPS
    - Watering every 2-3 days. Soil is getting a little dry about 1" below surface
    - In the last 2 weeks, used cns17 bloom 2x, weaker solution, and weak solution with black strap molasses 2x too.

    I suspect that a) pots are too small so soil is drying out too fast, or b) under watering, or c) under fertilizing

    Please give advise :eek:

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  2. First off get them into bigger pots. They say to water the soil before you put them in, However what I have been doing is watering after I have finished the transplant that way I can get a feel of how it should weigh both wet and dry. Then you can tell when to water by lifting them. I always transplant like this and have never shocked my plants. Remember the bigger the roots below the bigger the plant on top.
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    Cool.... I have 2 gallon buckets sitting here I can use. Is that going to be limiting? Flowering just started, so I have like 8 weeks to go. I could pickup some 3 gallon buckets, max. Next time I think I'll go hydro or hempy. Dealing with the soil is a PIA, not physically just being discreet.

    Anything else in terms of issues, or the the container size the primary issue right now?

  4. I hear you on the soil thing. I'm planning on going hempy with straight autoflowers after this grow finishes.
  5. Well I moved them into 3 gallon buckets. I wouldn't say they were root bound, but the roots were growing along the side of the old pots. I can see where the outermost part would get the least water unless you really soak them.
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    Updated pics...added an in cabinet fan for air circulation. I have a computer fan exhausting the cab air.

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  7. look like they maybe overwatered
  8. Really hard to tell what's going on just from those pics. Underwatered and overwatered can look similar, both lead to the plant drooping. You say you've been waiting between waterings for the soil to feel dry an inch deep, that's sounds basically right.

    Three quick diagnostic questions: what kind of soil? what's your runoff pH? And what were you feeding them in veg? Overall lack of dense green and some lower leaves yellowing there leads me to think they were underfed or locked out in veg, especially nitrogen.
  9. Easiest way to tell indica and sativa is the leaves indica leaves are fat and usually don't get over 7 fingers, sativa has really long skinny leaves and can have up to 13 fingers but usually sticks 7 to 11, the skinnier the leaves the more purely sativa it is as for 2-3 gallon buckets bein limiting, extremely, how tall do u plan on ur plant being? If it's 4-5 feet in soil I would use a 5 gallon, anything taller go with at least a 7 gallon, for nutrients check out my thread 'deficiency list' under sick plants it has a breakdown of of each nutrient, and how to fix if it's low in said nute, also has a quick look chart that shows symptoms(yellow leaves, droopy, leaf spotting, leaf tip yellowing) and which nute causes each symptom when it's low
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    Soil is an organic potting mix, lot of spagum (?) moss and such....no nutes in it though. I checked a ph chart (and how it correlates with nutes) and think my target ph of my water has been low; about 5.5-6. Looks like I should be closer to 6.5. This coupled with the symptoms and toastybiz' feedback makes me think its a nitrogen issue.

    I'm used CNS17 Grow and now CNS17 bloom. In veg I probably only fed 3 times over a 5 week period. Didn't want to overdo it but now looks like I may have underdone it.

    I made a soil tea (mixed dirt with water at a ph of 6.5) and the PH was 7.0. Is this high enough to warrant a wash? I'll verify later with a reading taken from the runnoff. I really don't want to water my plant again in case they've been over-watered.
  11. Lookin good mane

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