1st grow ever!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GZO1234, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Plant is only a week old.

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  2. nice! Looks like its browing though.
  3. Hi GZO.

    Welcome to the city. Please give us some more stats on your grow including

    1. Type of soil it is in
    2. Type of lights your using and distance from the plants
    3. Dimensions of the grow space
    4. Temperature day/night including lighting schedule
    5. Fertilizer type and schedule
    6. Strain if you know it
    7. Any other pertinent info

    I see slight trouble developing in the plant and need the above questions answered. Other than that congrats on your first grow.
  4. its cruising for only bein a week old.
  5. Seriously.... That Was A Hard Little Bean 1 Week Ago????
  6. bullshit... thats way older then a week... mines almost a week and its bairly getting leaves...
  7. seriously thats bullshit, my plant is 2 weeks old and currently at the 4th - 5th node which is good growth rate for a soil grow. there's no way in hell your plant is only 1 week old.
  8. Man thats Bs all Marked over it

    IFrst of all it takes 3-7 days to even come to ground leval, thats a 4-5 week old plant, and thats perfect soil and lights
  9. No, that is a plant that was germinated two weeks ago, probably been in a pot one or two weeks. but its growing like that cuz his lights are WAAAY to far away?

    look at the whole stem/leafs reaching up to the middle,

    probably towards a single bulb/incandescent blue maybe?

    who knows?

  10. I've seen some SAVAGE plants that shoot up like bamboo..

    There should be no reason for him to lie..Lying would only make it harder for us to help him.

    What do you say GZO, can we get some more info?

    Lookin good regardless of age, I'd give it a little but of nitrogen though..lookin a bit yellow.

  11. yeah, and if the tops start coming up yellow/green?

    is that an iron or magneseum then?

  12. mmk, do u mean one week NOT including germination? cus if not theres no way unless u got some secret weed steroids that ur not telling us about OR ur plants are thriving for light and are growing fast to get to there light source

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