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  1. hey there everyone,
    this is my first grow, i've been waiting for this moment for what seems like years now. so the about a week and a half ago i germed a couple bag seeds and the adventure started.:D. i found a couple of 43 watt cfls with reflective hoods. when the seeds popped i planted them in a couple of silo cups. i used some left over miracle grow potting soil. i put each cup under its own cfl in a cardboard box. i had a fan on them for a consistent breeze. it took them both two days to breach the soil and since then have been growing pretty well. but today i decided that it was time to transplant into bigger pots. so i went to walmart and they were having a sale on 5 gal buckets. i grabbed another bag of the miracle grow potting mix with nutes and ferts, says it feeds plants up to four months. then i went to the hardware store and got a bunch of supplies outlined in seemorebuds 'buds for less' book. came home and put together my closet. luckily the inside of my closet was already painted white. i rigged my lights which now consist of 4 20 watt cfls and two 43 watt cfls in the middle. i have a tower fan blowing air around and a smaller fan blowing air out of the closet at the bottom.

    the first pic is a couple days after they broke through the soil.

    i named the one with the wider leaves james bong and the thinner one otter to make conversation easier.

    the second set of pics is from guesstimated day 7 or 8

    and the last ones are from today lets say day 12 , transferred and in the closet.

    let me know what think!

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  2. Looks good Jam, I'm curious about drainage? From the pictures I don't see holes or a tray for water collection. Anyway I'm pulling up a chair. Good luck friend. Cheers
  3. thanks ts,

    i drilled a hole in the bottom of the buckets for drainage no trays yet. so for now i put that water proof plastic sheet underneath them.
  4. today i decided to go ahead and top the JB and start to lst the otter.

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  5. I'm loving your lighting rig there :smoke:

    but isn't it a bit early to start topping? how old are your plants? they look far too small atm...
  6. thanks,

    it probably is a little early, what negative repercussions might there be?

    the plants are only a couple of weeks along
  7. so thus far i have had the lights on a constant 24 hours. but i feel like they're getting old enough for a little break in the action every now and then. so i threw the timer on the lights and have them set for 18 hr on/ 6 hr off.
  8. are you gonna push these guys into flowering early ? I'm just curious why you would change you lighting scheduled?
  9. @ts~ i changed the lighting schedule to give the plants a little break from the light. i heard that the small dark period is better for root growth.

    so two weeks ago i left my babies to go on a road trip for a week. when i came back i the plants were nearly double the size of when i left :hello:. other than a couple lightly burn fan leaves everything looked good. i LSTed the new branches and a week later today i decided it was time to flower. i light proofed my closet with this black leather curtain that i nailed up. one side is nailed to the door frame and the other side is velcroed for easy access. everything looks light tight and ready to go. set the timer for 12/12 and am praying for some fems. here are some pics from today. thanks for looking!

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  10. WOW! the one on the left looks really nice ,good even growth, nice and low, bushy. The one on the right looks like its stretching towards your low light on the right side, I think it might benefit from rotating the pot. also you light set up has two low hanging lights on respective sides of the plants, and the centralized light is higher, although it isn't even a centralized light think of it as the light on the right sided of the left plan and the left side of the right plant. I would lower this central light to be even with your outer lights because you have two plant the light set up is split in half. Hope that makes sense . Can't wait to see these ladies *cross fingers* blossom. I wont touch the dial, im staying tuned.
  11. I never name my plants a male name. I just think it's bad mojo. Maybe I'm just superstitious. I tend to stick with names like Betty, Edna, Eve, etc. Regardless, your plants look good. I will say that I got rid of the MG crap and switchedto FFOF and it's so much better. Give it a try if you get the chance. Good luck.
  12. Is that aluminum foil in the buckets?
  13. haha. i was thinking the same thing in the beginning. but the name just stuck... hopefully no bad mojo and just a girl with a guy's name. and no, thats not aluminum foil, that would be mylar, since been taken out. thanks for the comments, keep em coming!

  14. it may be a lil late, but topping to early can cause the stem to split,
    if the buds get too dense and fat, (which is what we hope for:D) the weight pulling the two top stems apart from each other will split the stem, if you see it starting to crack/split tie the top two branches together, and maybe even wrap a little tape around it just below the fork were it would be splitting,
  15. Yesterday was day 4 of 12/12 and one of the plants was showing clear signs of being a male, so I pulled it. Still waiting on the other. Praying for a female.

  16. So today was day six of 12/12. And plant number two now shows signs of being a male.... Time to start germin some seeds.

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  17. damn that sucks
  18. That sorta looks like a female, right under the left most leaves are pistills, I think you might be confusing those bottom nodes on those two shoots. Give it some time, it could be a hermi.

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