1st grow(closet) Black Pearl / White Russian / Hindu Kush

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    Sup boys this is my first grow, gettin it done in my closet. As you can see still alot of work to be done in the room, but you get the idea...As u can see the shelves still need to be removed :p. But i'm still waiting for my lights to arrive so i got a couple days. heres a look at the "soon to be grow room"


    Im using a hydroponic system, an ebb n flow one i made myself. 600 watt MH for my 22 seedlings and mother plants. 8 black pearl, 7 hindu kush, 7 white russian

    Still have time to prepare for the flowering stage so i'm thinking about just buying some T5's for the veg stage and just move the 600 watt over for my flowering area. Anyways..

    here is just a shot of a couple supply's that have arrived


    Hope some people follow along with my grow.. the room should be finished within the next couple days.. with the baby's up and running.
    Criticism and thoughts are welcome.. i need as much of it as i can get because this is my first grow, and i'd rather not have a bunk first grow.

    peace for now
  2. looking good and congrats on the white russian. i plan on doing that maybe next year.

    600 MH? for 22 plants? not sure thatll be enough. you can use those t5 you were talking about as the veg and i would suggest maybe getting one more MH light. what made you go with MH? why not HPS?

    also how are you going to divide the space? you sure your gonna have enough space? how do you plan on keeping the lights separate?

    i like your idea and really want to help. just keep us updated with pictures as much as you can.
  3. so u gonna have a room for veg an a room for budding? You said your gonna have mother plants but I only saw one grow space. Sorry if I missed it but I'm baked as hell off my widow :smoke:
  4. Thanks for checkin out the thread bro.

    600watt's isnt enough for around 20 plants? plants dont need as much light during veg stage i think 600watt's should be plenty.
    Also MH is better for veg.. no? i have a 600 watt mh/hps ballast with both light bulbs, so i can just switch it up whenever.

    I was thinking about just making a little section of the room for veg and use black plastic and have it completly light sealed.(i'll have T5's by then hopefully)

    If i dont get around to that my first grow i wont be to worried.. but my second grow will be bigger and have a supergrow goin on for sure.

    These 22 seeds are not feminized.. so cut that in half.. give or take a couple female/male's

    for my flowering stage i might need to get some different lights depending on how many females i have..

    yah im a little tight on space but i think its doable.

    peace bro.
  5. haha right on man.

    Well if i have room i would cut out a small section for veg and use the rest of it for flowering... if not i can look into using some other rooms to hold my mother plants or even my other closet will work for mother plants haha.. so im still undecided bro. and i hate it.. haha. that will def be my budding room though.. how many plants you think i'll be able to have budding in that room?

  6. 600 MH isnt enough for the 22 but if you cut it down to maybe 10 (for flowering) you might be ok.

    im getting a 1000 HPS for 8-10 plants and i think im cheating them still. but anything is doable. im not sure if your going to be able to make that room into 2 spaces. even if you cut it down to 11 plants thats quite of bit of space for flowering all that. they do get big and wide so watch out.
  7. not sure, what is the square footage of the floor space? From the pic I'd say you could fit about ten without to much of a problem long as they aren't monsters.
  8. that closet picture is actually pretty terrible... the room actually is over 9 feet long and u see about 3-4 feet of it.. lol
    so it is a little bigger than it seems.
  9. o shit yeah I didnt know you had that kinda room in there. Looked like 4X3 lol.
  10. thats what i thought hahah
  11. if the room is really nine feet deep and 4 wide you may want to get a second light cuz it'll be impossible to use all the space with a single bulb. the light distribution will be far to uneven even with a 1000 watt. Sometimes a couple 400's can be much better imo
  12. anyways.. with around a 9 foot long closet that i got.. how many plants would i be lookin to hold in there? also are those 430watt son agro bulbs worth it? maybe a 600 watt hps and a 430 watt son agro would be a perfect combo for my room? anyone agree?
  13. if you grow with a sea of green technique, you could fit up to about 30-34 small plants. if they are gonna be medium sized plants then i'd say 20-25. The son agro bulb is good, id say its werth the money but you could get a standard HPS and it would work well too.
  14. whats a sea of green technique? sry if its obvious man im baked outta my tree :p
  15. when you bud plants when they are on the smaller side, like a foot or a foot and a half, and have a bunch of plants budding. Many times its done with cuttings. it can be more efficient then growing larger plants that take up alotta space.
  16. If this is your first grow i dont think that you should start off with that many plants up keep of just 4 plants on my first grow seemed like alot but it got easier on the next grow im not tryin to be a ass 10 to 15 plants is alot in my opinion :eek:
  17. i'm very interested to see what your room is gonna turn out looking like.

    Good luck
  18. thx for the support guys...
    what do u guys think of this;
    im thinking of ordering some T5's today
    (should i get all 6500k's?)

    And use 600watt HPS with my lumntek ballast(pushes out 20-30% more lumens)

    I'm thinking i should start with around 20 plants.. and after the males get cut out have around 10.. that seem alright for the setup?

  19. 195? no way! go to homedepot and but them 4ft 2 bulb lights for 8 bucks each. buy 4 of those and the day light and cool white bulbs and youll be fine. no need to spend 200 lol you might as well buy another hps light to veg.

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